"I'm sorry." I offered, "I didn't know."

He shrugged it off.

"I don't think she does either. Let's talk about something else."


He hesitated.

"Do you remember that time you talked about...war, and...changing things?"

Uh oh. I was on the verge of being cornered. And with Cupid's was probably a good idea to lay low.

"No, not really." I shook my head, "What did I say?"

He waved away my question.

"Never mind."


"Not exactly." I muttered, "I was just trying to get away from everything, but I guess it felt inclined to follow me."


I woke up to the sun shining through the tent flap and yawned. I'd probably dozed off and forced Eversio and Bob to entertain themselves at someone else's expense.

I crawled out of bed to find that my foot was a lot better. Actually, way way better.

Even the cut on my forehead had scabbed over.

I got a hold of some breakfast and munched on a sandwich as I walked to the stables, glad to be one of the few stirring at that hour.

I walked past a variety of demonic steeds, stopping at the final stall.

A pair of deep brown eyes looked back at me.

I stroked Omen's forehead and he nuzzled my shoulder, before proceeding to lick the remnants of the sandwich from my hands with his massive tongue.

The arrow was gone. In its place was a fresh scar. 

"So, how about you and I wander the countryside?"

Omen snorted.

That sounded like a yes.

"We have been fighting a good war. But our victory or our defeat is yet to be determined. If we continue to progress at the rate we have, we will reach the River Eunoe in a fortnight. If we can cross that river and hold it, Purgatory will likely surrender. But if we fail, with our resources dwindling and Purgatory behind the defence of the Eunoe...let's not bring it to that."

The Council seemed to get the gist of what I was saying. 

"I want a series of simulations run. And a series of contingency plans." I continued, "By tomorrow."

A series of somewhat-irritated, somewhat-anxious faces stared at me.

"Meeting dismissed."

The End

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