In a few moments I’d all but forgotten the faint outline on my palm.

“Come on, just a bit more!”

Cupid protested feebly as I coaxed the goblet to his lips, and I giggled madly as he took the liquid down.

“I’m done.” He laughed, waving away the emptied chalice.

“That’s what you said five rounds ago.” I reminded, waving a demon over for a refill.

“How could I refuse?” he asked with mock drama, “When a nymph is my cupbearer?”

“Words out of the mouth of a god.” I replied, taking the filled goblet as it was handed to me.

Cupid took it from me, shaking his head.

“It’s your turn.”

I held in my laughter as I felt the burning liquid being poured into my throat, pushing the cup away as some of it spilled down the sides of my face.

I started giggling again, trying to wipe the bloodwine off with the back of my free hand.

“Here, let me get that.” Cupid grinned, leaning over.

I yelped as his tongue swept over my cheek, still laughing uncontrollably.


I squinted up from our seat on the grassy bank, well, my seat being Cupid’s lap, and tried to make out who was standing in front of us.


“Yes, your highness?” I slurred, grinning.

“Eros.” Lucifer acknowledged Cupid, who was in the process of whispering questionable things into my ear.

“Lucifer.” Cupid replied, his arms tightening around my waist.

“May I borrow the Commander for a moment?” the King of Hell asked, with a businesslike tone.

“If you must.” Cupid sighed, letting me get up.

“Pass me my shoes?” I asked, grinning as he picked them up from where I’d tossed them and slid them back onto my feet.

I was still smiling at him over my shoulder as Lucifer led me away, to the very fringes of the party.

“I consider it my responsibility to warn you, Commander.” Lucifer started, his silver eyes unreadable.

“Warn me about what?” I asked, trying to hear him over the music, “That I’m going to go deaf soon?”


“You mean Cupid?”


I made a face.

“Is he allergic to something?”

“He’s dangerous.” Lucifer admitted, “You should stay away from him.”

I scoffed, laughing.

“Dangerous? How?”

“He’s unpredictable. Manipulative. Likes to play head games.”

“And…you didn’t care to tell me this earlier?” I asked incredulously, “You know, when I added him to the council?”

“We…have something of a history.” Lucifer explained, “It’s complicated.”

I ran a hand over my face, trying and failing to think through the haze of drink.

“So…the two of you are frenemies?”

“In a sense…yes.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“I don’t know,” Lucifer shrugged, “But he has a tactical mind. He does everything for a reason.”

“Oookkaaayyy?” I slurred, “Thanks for…being specific.”

“Just…be careful.” He advised, before disappearing into the crowd.

I blinked, tottering on my perch.

“Z! Where have you been?”

Manara squeezed through towards me, grabbing my hand and pulling me in the opposite direction.

“Let’s get you some drinks!”

The End

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