Cupid cocked his head to the side, in thought.

“You are in a rather difficult situation. I know firsthand how…persuasive the King can be.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“I…shared some of his habits.” He explained, “We’ve had our…little contests over the years.”

They were no better than a fraternity, honestly.

“So what do I do?” I asked again, sighing.

He shrugged, still thinking.

“God of love, huh?” I muttered, preparing myself to leave.

“Wait!” he started, “The King and I have a good understanding. If he were to think I had an interest in you, he would leave you alone out of respect for me.”

“That’s your genius plan?” I asked incredulously, “Who made you a god?”

“Bear with me, it’s been a long time.” He sighed, scratching his head.

I waited around for a minute or so before preparing to leave again.

“Have any other valuable advice?” I asked cynically, yawning.

He shook his head, looking disappointed.

“That’s the best I got.”

I almost felt bad.

“Listen,” I started, “Do you really think it’ll work?”

“Maybe.” He shrugged, “But I guess I’m not the best person to help, anyways.”

I almost felt like I was being guilt-tripped.

“Well, if there’s a chance it’ll get Lucifer to act a little more professional – “

“– Wonderful!” he clapped his hands, “As of now, you and I are lovers.”

“What?” I started, stunned, “I have to act too?!”

“Obviously,” he tutted, ushering me out of the tent, “It’ll give you a reason to reject his advances.”

I chose not to tell him about how I never took drama class.


Cupid walked me to my tent before disappearing somewhere, and I had to say I was almost glad.

I still had no idea what I had just agreed to, and if anything, it would probably end in a disaster.


I turned to see Manara rushing towards me, looking excited.

“Wha –“

I didn’t have the chance to complete my sentence because she pulled me into a hug, grinning and almost hopping when she pulled back.

“I heard the news.” She beamed, “And it’s all thanks to you!”

It took me a second to realize she was talking about my negotiation with Lucifer.

That spread fast.

“It was nothing.”

She looked at my hair and let out a breath of relief.

“And the colour turned out okay! This is great!”


“I know!” she said suddenly, her face lighting up, “As soon as the troops get back, you are partying with me and the other girls!”

I looked at her incredulously.


“You can’t stay shut up in that tent forever.” She reasoned, “Plus, you’ll get the chance to show off your hair!”

“Party? As in the giant booze fest that happens every night?”

Believe me, I knew about it. I could hear it well into the daylight hours.

“Exactly!” Manara beamed, “And don’t worry, I can do your makeup and cover those huge dark circles!”

I could count on Manara to make me feel better about everything.

“Gee thanks.”

The End

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