Well, at least it wasn't for nothing.

"Instead, I'm out of battle for a while." I sighed, "How am I supposed to be the Champion now?"

I didn't want to admit it, but war was...kinda fun. In a totally non-psychopath way, I mean.

Except for mercy duty. Yech.

"The arrow was built for the King." Charon explained, "All of the mystical components didn't really affect you. We'll have to wait and see how you do."

"What do I do now?"

"The council is at your disposal. We could still use your strategic mind."

"Fine." I muttered, trying not to pout.

Seriously. I finally get to combat, and I get knocked out of it after the first day? 

"I'll send someone to check on you later." Charon said, "Try to get some rest."

He walked out of the tent, yawning.

As soon as he left Lucifer's silver eyes flitted towards me.

"That didn't go the way I planned."

"What?" I asked, feeling snappish.


"Maybe if you weren't constantly lying to me, Your Highness, it would have gone a bit smoother."

I was cranky. I was in pain. And frankly, I didn't give a damn how Lucifer would react.

He looked at me with a look that recognized my confrontational state of mind and sighed.



"This may be hard to believe, but..."

"Do continue." I replied, my tone flat.

"I'm not the best know..."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Lucifer sighed again.

"Look...I just want to say...for taking that arrow...thank you."

The End

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