"Do I have abilities?" I asked, hoping for a quick way out of the weird dream Charon was putting me in.

My mom was right. I really did need to talk to somebody.

Blonde #2 shrugged.

"Shadow-walking, mirror images probably. It varies from demon to demon."


"Um...I'm human."

"I own your soul. You're close enough."

I felt my head tingling and my vision rippled again.

I was standing in a courtyard in some kind of black leotard, Blonde #2 across from me.

"You can have a break when I actually feel one of your punches." he offered, looking bored. 

I felt myself run at him, jumping to avoid him before running at him where he reappeared to slam a punch into his gut.

He looked at me, surprised.

"Well done."

When my vision went wavy again I was prepared.

I was standing in some kind of hall, a sword in my hand and a man entirely in grey kneeling in front of me.

"Kill him."

I felt my blood rushing into my ears. I blinked and, with military discipline, raised the sword and sliced cleanly through his neck.

I watched his head bouncing along the floor, rolling to a stop. 

The crowd around me was cheering. I was deaf to the noise.

I was transported again, and I found myself sitting on a couch in my living room.

My mom and dad were sitting across from me.

"Zara, honey..." she started, "We have something we need to tell you."

"When you were a baby...we sold your soul to the devil."

Sold your soul 

Sold your soul 

SSSSSSSSSSold yooooooooooour soulllll

The tingling in my head grew to a pounding pain. 

I felt myself fall off the couch, but instead of falling onto the carpet I was falling into nothingness.

The world went dark, but I was still awake. I kept falling, trying to grasp something, anything.

Images began to flash in my vision.

The Council. The invasion. The arrow.

I felt myself jerk awake, to find myself in the room of mirrors. Before I could say a thing to Charon I felt myself being jerked awake again.

I was lying on a makeshift bed in what looked like a tent.

I sat up, blearily, and felt the pain in my chest.

A demon walked in and, seeing me up, ran out.

I couldn't be less concerned.

I was Zara Shah. And I was the High Commander of Hell.

The End

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