The next few moments seemed to go in slow motion. 

I could hear surprised shouts and clinking armour as soldiers ran toward their king, but they seemed ridiculously distant.

A choked sound escaped my throat as the arrow ripped into the space below my collarbone, pain searing into my chest.

The world flew up away from me. Or maybe I was falling. I couldn't tell.

I was caught, suddenly, and then lowered to the ground. 

My vision was going bleary. I coughed- scratch that, wheezed - and realized with remote surprise that I'd sprayed blood onto my hand.




I struggled to keep my eyes open.

"Look at me!" 

I turned to the voice (okay, more like flopped my head to the other side) and could see Lucifer's silvery eyes surrounded by a blurry mess.

I realized slowly that I wasn't levitating just off the ground, but he was holding my head and waist.

"Wha?" I offered, feeling pain explode in my body from the effort.

"Look at me!" he hissed, "Don't you dare close your eyes!"

"But...I'm tired." I slurred, fighting against the urge to ignore him.

"You're going to be fine. Just stay with me."

I briefly heard a foreign voice.

"Your Highness, shall we call the undertaker?"

I heard a long chain of angry profanities from Lucifer's side, and my head started to fall back.

It was too much effort to hold it up. 

I clawed at the arrow sticking out of me, but my arm went limp and fell to the floor.

It was a struggle to find Lucifer's silver eyes in the whirling ocean of colour, and even more of a struggle to stop from falling into a fit of coughing.

"Am I..." I started, my speech slipping on my bloodied lips, "Am I...going to die?"

I felt Lucifer's hand on my cheek, slick with my blood.

"This is just a bad dream, Zara. You'll wake up in a second."

I smiled, a little more than delirious.

And then everything went black.

The End

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