The next day I woke up with a horrific headache.

Okay, let me rephrase that, worse than horrific. Palatial.

I lay in bed. For a good few hours. 

I wasn't quite sure when I got up, but even then my head was pounding.

My pain was only surpassed by my hunger, so I made my way somewhat gingerly to the kitchens.


I muttered to myself and set about frying an egg in a pan, trying to ignore how tempted I was to bash my head into the stove.

It was bad.

The headache, I mean. The egg was fine. 

I had to wash my dishes myself. That was annoying.

I showered and changed into slacks and a black button-down shirt over my boots. Rocking the casual/dressy looks of hell 2015.

I wandered around, surprised at how still the castle was. It was just like the time before the ritual, except somehow even more desolate. 

It took a little while to hit me that I'd sent practically everyone into the reserves.

Except for my council. 

I started to make my way towards the meeting room when I heard the noise of a scuffle coming from down the hallway.

I stared, wondering who could possibly still be on the grounds, and cautiously walked closer.

When I reached the door in question I paused, thinking how similar the moment was to at least a gazillion horror movies, and sighed.

I was the High Commander of hell's army, trained by Satan himself, and I had trouble opening a door because it seemed a little spooky.

I counted to three in my head and pushed the door open.

I gaped, in shock.

Lucifer was on one end of the room, fighting his way through a good crowd of purgatory dudes, Eversio passed out on the other end.

Lucifer struggled against a choke hold, his eyes flitting to me.

He shook his head, telling me to run.

I threw the door open, making sure it slammed loudly.

Everyone with the exception of unconscious Eversio turned to stare.

"You want a piece of me, uglies?" I asked, putting my fists up, "Come get one!"

I moved my hand to my side instinctually and drew the sword from the ceremony out of thin air. Fancy.

I, luckily, had gloves on as I roared into combat.

My gut took over with the first clash of steel and flesh. 

Slash. Stab. Parry. Disembowel.

That last one was fun.

I'd managed to make a considerable dent in their number, slitting another grey throat, when Manara ran into the room.

"What's going on?" she asked, moving to dodge as I jabbed at an attacker behind her.

"More assassins. Eversio's a little out of it, though."

She suddenly split into three versions of herself.

"I'll take the ones on the left."

I twirled my sword and, raising it to shoulder level, threw it like a javelin.

It successively took out the three assassins she had called dibs on, and I summoned the sword again to impale the last few stragglers within a few movements.

"It's okay, Manara. Go see if Eversio's okay."

I turned and ran to Lucifer.

"Your highness. Are you alright?"

"I am now." he smirked, rubbing at his neck, "That was quite a display."

I pulled my gloves off, laughing.

"I learned from the best. What happened?"

"There was a swarm of them. I was poisoned and I had to concentrate my energy on purging it from my system. Eversio, naturally, crumpled after the first hit."

He rolled his eyes.

"Genetic material must have been compromised there." he muttered, "Humiliating."

The End

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