It was a split-second before the both of us started running, and my heart pounded in my ears.

This time, there was no offensive or defensive. We were both locked in a dance, dodging, jabbing, kicking, blocking.

He matched me move for move and I managed to match him. The blood was pounding in my ears, but there wasn't a single thought in my head. 

Okay, there was one.


I wasn't just fighting with my training anymore. It wasn't just the days and days of pulverizing serving me. There was something else, something that seemed to guide my frenzied blows and parries.

The desire, the overpowering lust, for victory.

"Don't hold back." I ordered, glancing another hit to my shoulder.

Lucifer smirked.

"I'm not."

I felt a jolt of shock at the realization that I had just been holding my own against Satan, and he took advantage of my momentary surprise to knock me to the ground.

I had a lot more fight left in me, but I knew it was in my best interests to stay down.

"You win." I offered, sitting up.

Lucifer helped me to my feet and the crowd roared with a clamor for their king.

Soon it rose into a chant and Lucifer basked in the admiration.

He really got off on the whole worship thing, didn't he.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and gave a few cheers, doing my best to make my loyalty obvious.

Soon the group broke up back into a discordant party and I smoothed off my combat suit, trying not to notice how weird my head felt.

I felt bad for my liver.

I looked at the raucous scene a few minutes longer before deciding that it was probably best that I tried to sleep off the alcohol. 

Squeezing out of the room was difficult, but somehow possible. I stumbled along the hall, realizing sadly that my battle co-ordination had conveniently abandoned me.

I'd been a few turns from my room (believe me, the castle is a labyrinth) when I happened to walk in on a couple doing their thing.

I dropped the usual 'get a room', almost too desensitized to care, and then stopped suddenly.

I looked back to see Manara and Eversio watching me, looking flushed.

I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I'd seen that coming from day one.

I plopped into my bed as soon as I reached my room, shutting my eyes and willing sleep to come.

The End

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