"That was a really big sword, you know..."

Lucifer laughed.

"You want to see a big sword?"

I rolled my eyes, moving in step with him.

Believe it or not, we were waltzing. In the middle of a mosh pit. I hated to say it, but sometimes Satan had class.

"I'm going to feel horrible tomorrow, aren't I?" I asked, sighing.

I'd heard my share of horror-movie hangover stories, okay.

"Like you're being tortured in the depths of Tartarus. But it gets better with time."

I sighed.

"Couldn't there have been any...I dunno...non-alcoholic refreshments?"

Lucifer stared at me.

"I think you're a little too drunk, jailbait."

Not all of us were hardcore party animals, sheesh.

"Anyways," Lucifer continued, "You're in my inner circle now. You had to prove you can hold a few glasses."

"Your Highness," I started, scathing, "I'm an underage nerd, and you expect me to 'hold a few glasses'?"

"There's a first time for everything. Speaking of firsts-"


"That got you sober fast."

"Alcohol might compromise my judgement, but it won't compromise my integrity." I shrugged, "Sorry if you hoped otherwise."

Lucifer smirked.

"I like a challenge."

"Mercy! Mercy!"

I let the demon's arm go, dusting myself off.

"Who's next?"

A fairly impressed crowd stood in front of me, but I found myself basking in Lucifer's amusement.

Another burly creature volunteered himself and I let him approach before running forwards, sidestepping at the final moment to deliver a smashing blow. 

He ran at me multiple times, getting more and more bothered, but I managed to use my agility to my advantage, dodging with a glancing impact and attacking immediately afterwards.

I kept going like a matador baiting a bull, eventually tiring the demon out until it took only a half-effort to take him out.

"Any other takers?"

The crowd was really quiet after that one. I couldn't help but feel rather pleased with myself. My first victim had bet that a weakling human girl couldn't beat him in a fight, and he and a good handful of others had learned otherwise. Painfully.

"I'll take a shot at it." 

The crowd parted and I blinked as Lucifer stepped into the makeshift arena, automatically moving into battle stance.

This threw a wrench into things.

The End

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