I stared at the apple, entranced.

Immortality. If I lived forever, then that meant that I would have time to try and escape the contract. I could be free. I could be human.

Well, not exactly human, but you get the point.

Lucifer waved his hand and it disappeared. 

"Keep that in mind."

"I will." I replied, standing, "I have to be on my way now."

Lucifer offered me another dazzling smirk before I walked off, trying to focus on what I was doing before I was so suddenly presented with immortality.

Oh, right. Eversio.

I squinted as I walked, looking for any sign of his blondeness among the grey walls.

After a ridiculous amount of walking I found him crouched on a gargoyle, watching the mistiness below him.

His wings were stretched out behind him, making him look like an extension of the statue.

"Eversio," I called out, "Could I talk to you?"

He turned his head slowly, and his expression was unreadable.

"I should never have brought you here." he said in a flat voice, entirely emotionless.


"Look, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, okay?" I sighed, "Can we at least discuss this?"

Eversio studied me a moment longer.

"You complicated everything." he muttered, looking back out at the fog.

"I'm sorry? At least tell me how I can make up for it."

He stood up, extended his wings, and jumped off of the gargoyle. I ran towards the wall only to find that he had vanished into the fog. Great.

Now I knew he was mad at me.

"I'm glad to see we've been making progress here. By our next meeting I want those electronic records running and our strategists running simulations."

I was about to dismiss the meeting when the door burst open, and I jumped to my feet when I saw a man entirely in grey.

I put myself in battle stance, my tail whipping into a frenzy, but when I saw Lucifer behind him I stood normally, exhaling.

"May I present," Lucifer said dramatically, "Purgatory's foreign minister, Mr. Grey."

The man in front of him nodded.

"Thank you for the introduction, your highness. I am honored to be here." he offered in a voice that suggested otherwise.

He walked over to me and shook my gloved hand.


"High Commander. I know, your excellency."

I tried to hide my annoyance at being interrupted and gestured him toward an empty seat.

When everyone had settled down, including Lucifer who had found a seat next to mine somehow, I cleared my throat and pulled out the Hell-Purgatory Treaty from its folder.

"Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Grey. I look forward to working with you to continue the peace between our nations."

"Yes, of course." he replied insincerely.

"As a gesture of our goodwill we would like to renew this treaty."

He glanced at it and nodded.

"Yes, we will sign. If you withdraw your troops from our border."

I blinked.

"Excuse me?"

"For several days now your men have been imposing themselves on our boundaries. Our people are uneasy."

"I'm afraid that is not possible." I said firmly.

"You wish for peace, and yet you prepare for war?" Grey asked incredulously.

"I prepare to protect my people."

"Protect them from what? We are your only neighbors in this dimension!"

"Yes, neighbors who have been imposing themselves on our borders for far too long!"

"How dare you! What evidence do you have?"

"I have more than enough!"

Grey stood up.

"If there is nothing more to this meeting than baseless accusations, I have no interest in continuing it."

"You mean you have no interest in peace." I corrected, narrowing my eyes.

He laughed sardonically, glancing at Lucifer.

"Choosing a little girl human to lead your army? You're an old fool!"

"Hey!" I roared, "Who do you think you are?"

I lunged at him but he vaporized into thin air before I could get my hands on his sorry hide.

I pulled off my gloves and threw them on the table, running a hand through my hair as my fingers burned with black flames.

When I realized that everyone was staring at me I gave them a look that sent them running out. Except for Lucifer.

I was pacing the room, my tail twitching in agitation.

"I started a war, didn't I?" I muttered, clenching and unclenching my fists.

"No. That man came into this room knowing he wasn't going to sign that treaty. He only came to try and force information from you."

"I shouldn't have given him the opportunity to walk out. I can't believe I lost it like that."

Lucifer took my hand, forcing me to stop, and turned me to look at him.

"If I was in your place I would have beheaded the bastard the second he walked in."

"But now...god, things are going to get ugly."

"Purgatory would have done this regardless of whether or not you were here."

"I only made things worse."

"Actually, you made them better."

I raised an eyebrow.

"How, exactly?"

"You've scared Purgatory. And if this war begins, they should be afraid."

The End

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