I walked through the hallway, my steps becoming more and more confident.

I should have been wondering what was going on with me but I was too bold to care, striding into my room barefoot and picking out shoes as the rest of the council watched.

I pulled them on with the ease of a runway model and catwalked out, snapping my fingers at the others to follow me into the meeting room.

I didn't hear a single peep out of them. They trailed behind me like sheep, single-file, quiet.

I threw the doors open when we reached the room with the round table, taking my seat at the largest, throne-like chair.

Eversio had been looking out the window and turned to see me, stunned. And then he saw the rest of the party and looked even more stunned.

"You may be seated." I said imperiously, seeing the members waiting by their chairs.

I turned behind me and pulled out various large volumes and bound scrolls. I stood, and everyone quickly stood with me. 

"As the High Commander, I officially commence this meeting."

After I sat down I gestured for them to return to their seats.

"Now." I started, pulling out a map, "The first order of business is an updated set of records. I want border reports, I want weapons inventories, every member of our standing army accounted for."

I felt Eversio's eyes boring into me with interest but I was busy flipping to a particular page of another ancient tome.

"If we have the technology down here, I want to start electronic databases of all of this information so that it can be easier to access. I want to hold meetings with all of the regional representatives of hell-"

"-Zara-" Eversio cut in.

"-It's High Commander. And I do not appreciate your interruption. I hope you're all taking notes."

There was an awkward scuffling of papers and I rolled my eyes.

"Continue, Prince."

"We don't have any regional representatives." he said, finally.

I smirked.

"I'm quite aware of that. I've done my research. If you hadn't interrupted me I was about to propose my plan for an election."

Everybody stared at me, and I laughed.

"We're in the 21st century. If you have any problems with my ideas take it up with the king that appointed me."

I pulled out another scroll and tapped the book with it.

"This is a copy of the Underworld-Purgatory Treaty from seven thousand years ago. I want to discuss its terms. With our neighbours."

Eversio looked shocked.

"You mean-you-"

"-I want to meet with Purgatory's officials. See what they have to say for themselves."


As soon as I saw Lucifer I followed him, cornering him in a quiet hallway as he left a room. 

"Your highness, may I have a word?"

"Yes." he offered, "Was that enough? Or would you like another?" 

Instead of getting disturbed by his less than sparkling wit I folded my arms, letting my serious face slide into place.

"What have you done to me?" I asked, my voice impossibly severe.

"Not nearly enough." he remarked, his eyes smoldering.

 "Answer me." I glowered, before adding an insincere, "Please."

"Consider it a gift." he offered, "I freed you."

"From what?"

His eyes glittered.

"Your inhibitions." 

The End

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