After an uneventful magic lesson with Manni it was back to the pulverizing session with Lucifer. 

I was more careful. I threw my punches only when I felt certain they would land and tried to save as much energy as I could. All of my old bruises were renewed, but they didn't hurt as much as the first time. 

They did still hurt.

I was in the shower, trying to wash off the sweat residue when I heard a banging on the door.

Let me mention, I hate when people try to interrupt my showers.

"What is it?" I yelled, taking a loofah and scrubbing at my battered knees.

"!" I heard muffled parts of Eversio's impatient speech and resisted the urge to roll my eyes.


"Two minutes...fired!"

I froze in horror, before quickly washing the conditioner out of my hair and getting the soap off of me.

One and a half minutes had passed, I was sure of it.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my head and put another around my body, realizing in horror that I'd forgotten to bring a pair of clothes with me. My room was on the other side of the hallway.

Yes, there was an ensuite bathroom, but it wasn't as nice as this one.

I opened the door a crack and peeked outside. I could see the council gathered around my room. 


This could go two ways. Either it could be horrifically embarrassing, or I could just stay in the bathroom and get fired. 

I didn't think either was a viable option. 

"Hello?" I called, hoping some wandering soul would pass by, "Can I get some help around here?"

To my surprise, my pleas were answered.

"At your service, commander."


Well, I didn't exactly have many other options. 

"Could you get me some clothes? My room's across the hall."

"Oh, of course. Just a moment."

I breathed out a sigh of relief. I was afraid Lucifer was going to leave me there, in my misery. He was the devil after all.

When I heard his footsteps again I stuck my hand out of the crack of the door eagerly, pulling back a minute later when I realized no clothes were being delivered into it.

"Um, your highness? Did you find the closet alright?"

"Commander, this is my castle. Of course I found it."

"Then...could I have something to wear, please?"

"I don't do well with humidity. You'll have to come over here and take these clothes yourself."

"Okay, just leave them on the table and shut the door behind you." I offered politely, trying to make it clear that I was not in the mood to play his games.

"Marvelous idea."

When I heard the door close I pulled my makeshift-towel-dress tighter onto my body to keep it from falling off and went out into the room, narrowing my eyes when I spotted Lucifer standing innocently with his back to the closed door.

"I closed the door behind me." he said sweetly, his silvery eyes so convincing that I almost believed his act.

I sighed, walking over to the table and picking up what'd been laid there.

"Another dress?" I asked incredulously, seeing with no surprise that it was black.

"You look good in skirts." he offered, innocence gone, "Actually, in anything. You make that towel look like a work of art."

I rolled my eyes and went back into the bathroom to change.

It was only when I stepped out again that I seriously evaluated what I was wearing.

"Sweet Jesus!"

"Now, now, let's not get blasphemous." Lucifer coaxed, walking over and twirling me around, "Fits like a glove."

"Yeah, and it's also the size of a glove." I muttered.

He cocked his head to the side, amused.

"Humans are so...particular." he noted, turning to leave, "Have fun at your meeting. And if you get bored, come and pay me a visit."

I watched him leave, blinking. I hoped he'd find someone else to mess around with soon. 

The End

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