"Eversio!" I screamed, scanning the courtyard below, "Eversio!"

I pulled back from the edge, horrified. This couldn't be happening. 


I started at the sound of Eversio's voice, trying to scan the ground for his remains.

"You're alive? Or, dead and haunting me?"

"You have to jump, now!"

"Why, you want me dead too?"

There was no response. I looked out into the courtyard again, the ground shrouded in fog. 


"Are you okay?" I called out, leaning over as far as my fear would let me.

Still no response. 

I pulled myself up onto the battlement, sitting as far away from the edge as possible, and tried to look down again.

My head spun.

What if he needed my help? Needed me dead was more like it.

I chewed on the inside of my cheek before sighing. I was in hell anyways. If I died I would be stuck in the same job.

I sat so that my legs were dangling out into the abyss, and told myself that it was just like the tunnel I'd jumped in while entering hell. Except, it had a very real end. That wasn't straw. 

"Eversio, if I die, I'm going to kill you, okay?" I called out, before pushing off against the clammy stone and to my doom.

I didn't have the chance to scream. The sound was ripped out of my throat as I fell, my senses overloaded with adrenaline and the feeling that I  was going to meet a horribly messy death. 

I shut my eyes and tried to hug myself, hoping that when it all ended I would wake up somewhere far from spiraling towers and crazy suicidal demon princes. 

And then I was no longer in a free-fall, but slowly drifting up. 

I opened my eyes and, upon seeing Eversio, had to stifle the urge to strangle him. It took a second for me to realize that he was somehow carrying me in midair, and bringing the both of us back to the tower. 

And then I saw the wings. 

"Um...are those...normal?" I asked, resisting the urge to touch them.

Eversio laughed.

"For demons? No. My mother had angel blood. I guess there was a dominant gene somewhere."

I was almost spellbound by the beating of the massive, feathered appendages but not enough to forget my anger.

"Couldn't you have told me that I wasn't jumping to my death?" I asked incredulously, "Is that so hard?"

"No. But definitely not as fun."

I punched him in the shoulder and seized up with shock as he pretended to drop me.

"You are a total jerk." I hissed, while clutching his crisp blazer for dear life.

"I am demon too, remember?"

I glared at him before a question popped into my head.

" did you hide those things?"

He grinned.

"I can shadow-walk parts of my body too."

His head disappeared for a full three seconds. It was very disturbing. 

"I'm going to pretend I didn't see that."

When he reappeared he pulled a pensive face.

"Technically speaking, you didn't."

I glared at him again and, since we were hovering just above the stone floor of the tower, jumped down. Hallelujah for solid ground.

"Thank god that's over." I breathed, trying to bring the feeling back into my feet.

"Hey guys, you're here!"

I turned to see Manni, and Eversio's face lit up.

"You were looking for me-I mean, us?"

"Yeah," she started, holding up a hand, "I had to ask which shade went better with my hair."

Eversio walked over to her and they chatted as they walked, his wings long disappearing into nothingness. 

I sat on the battlement, letting the wind ruffle my hair, and watched the moon. 

It looked like it could relate to me.

The End

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