"I don't know how I'm going to do this."


"I just...I'm having a hard enough time believing this isn't all some crazy dream, let alone trying to manage the military future of hell."


"This is a lot harder than I thought it would be."


"Do you...have any advice?"

Manni looked up, as if she was shocked that I was talking to her.

"Fix that hair. Curls are so last season."

I tried not to be offended and looked out at the rest of the council, already drowning out their ceaseless arguing. I let my chin rest on my hand, my elbow sinking into the velvet armrest. 

At least there were nice chairs.

"So, Manni, do you know about this...hellfire stuff?"

She only paused filing her nails for a second.

"Yeah, I guess. Your black fire was the fire of wrath, if you're wondering."


"Not like the grapes. It just means getting really angry."

I rolled my eyes.

"I know what wrath means."

Manni looked at me skeptically.

"It's okay, Zara. You don't have to feel ashamed."

Great. So a blonde thought I was stupid. 

I stared at the pizza, looking at the array of fatal-looking peppers sitting in its cheese. I didn't get why everything had to be hot in hell. Though, I had to admit, it wasn't half-bad. Even if the guy that delivered it had flaming pits for eyes.

I was starting to get used to it. 

I looked out at the chaotic mess and wondered briefly if I should try and tame it.


I grabbed a book, a slice of pizza, and settled back into my throne-like chair.

I'd been in the middle of reading about the best way to cook a lesser demon frog when the door burst open and Lucifer walked in.

For some reason, my chair fell over.

I scrambled onto my feet quickly enough to see the shocked expression on his face. 

I couldn't blame him. After a quick survey of the room I could tell things were getting bad.

Manni and Dionysus were dancing on the table. Athena and mystery dude were having a heated argument and Eversio was simultaneously trying to lecture the both of them. There was music blasting from somewhere and I had a mushroom stuck to my face.

I brushed it off before he could notice.

"What is going on here?" he asked, his voice creating an instant, resounding silence.

I felt dread building in my chest. This was it. I was going to get eaten.

"I can't believe this!" he continued, "My official military council is...partying."

He shook his head before holding up a case of beer.

"Mind if I join in?"

I watched in shock as the music started up and random demons filtered in, quickly filling the room like a tin of sardines. 

I clutched my book to my chest and fought my way out of the mosh pit, yelping when I felt my tail being grabbed. 

By some miracle I managed to get out, stumbling down the hallway. I didn't know how much partying I could take. 

I had to fix the council.

The End

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