Scales' New Friend; a G-force fanfiction

a fanfiction starring Speckles from the disney G-force movie.

(Background: Speckles, after building a robot to take care of the rest of the malignant chips he was supposed to pull out, has rejoined the team. They welcome him back to the team; however, a new member has also joined in his absence: Scales the snake, a Mooch-like character who entusiastically loves everyone. He takes a liking to Speckles, who is wary of him, snakes being his natural predator and all, even though Scales is harmless and only eats, of all things, blueberries.

Speckles has been feeling down lately, still guilt-ridden about betraying the team. So Hurley suggests watching a movie to cheer him up.)

Halfway through the thoroughly boring movie, Speckles starts fidgeting. Darwin is the first to notice him twitching strangely.

“Speckles, are you okay?”

“Yep, I'm... I'm g-good,” He replies in a strangely strained voice. A few seconds later, the mole starts to laugh as quietly as he can.

“Whats so funny?” Darwin asks.

“The sn-ha-hake,” he gasps. “It's-it's tickling mehehehe!” Scales has wrapped himself around poor Speckles like the constrictor he was, his tail wagging against the mole's furry stomach.

“Scales!” Darwin says, trying not to laugh. “Get off him!” The snake did not budge, no matter how much Speckles squirmed and twisted and tugged. The other three guinea pigs giggled in delight at the sight of their normally gloomy, serious friend utterly helpless with laughter.


“Oh, Sca-ales,” calls Marcy from the other room. “Bedtime!” The snake quickly unwinds himself and slithers away, leaving the mole lying on the floor, gasping.

“You okay, Specks?” Darwin asks, a supressed smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

It takes awhile for Speckles to catch his breath. “Of course you know,” he finally says weakly. “This means war.”

The End

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