Savory & SweetMature

Just a romantic little clip I thought of on the fly. I only marked it "mature" because it's borderline lemony. Just in case. Wouldn't want anyone to get offended and rip out my internal organs, now would we?

Time pinched around my hand as it shot out and claimed the last chocolate from the bowl. I popped it into my mouth with triumph, and flicked my eyebrows across the couch at him. “Too slow.” Cacao and sweetness burst from the truffle as I bit through its shell, smiling broadly at the signature resentment on his face—a resentment that I loved extracting from our usual harmony. It was a sugary  little moment, basking in the glow of victory and the rush of endorphins; but while lost in that glow I made the mistake of closing my eyes. My defenses faded  into the darkness of my lids. It shouldn’t have surprised me when he pounced like the preying lion that he was. How could I have expected any less than full retaliation? I really should have known better. His hands were on the front lines, swarming my cheeks and the tangles of my hair, firing rounds of possessive passion into every inch of my skin. I had no chance to react before the cavalry of his lips came crashing in, taking mine completely under siege; and the next thing I knew, chocolate wasn’t the only taste melting on my tongue. It was him. Everywhere. All the world trickled down to the thin air between us, to the chocolate he was siphoning from me, to the flavor he was corrupting and perfecting.  


The End

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