Chapter One

 I'm Nate. Now, in the year 3050, I'm seventeen. I still live in Rushåçia, in Schüæla. It's pretty peaceful here now-a-days, and I love it. Nothing bothers anyone, and nobody really talks.

 Obviously, I was a typical teenager, always off on my Chәễợlar, a surfboard type thing that flies. I always loved to fly through the city, looking down at everyone. My dark hair was long enough to flap about around my eyebrows, but not long enough to shroud my piercing blue eyes. I smiled a crooked smile as I saw a Ωchanti, a Shüælan version of a sea gull-- in other words, a black, bigger version with sharp teeth and red eyes.

 I squinted my eyes, aiming, then I shot out a Stanchi. A stanchi is a type of missile that is made out of fire- basically a fireball. The Ωchanti set on fire and fell to the ground. I laughed evilly. They were a menace, and they ate children, children which they could fit in their bodies.

 I heard a siren from the ground. They were after me. I decided to give them a run for their money.

 I bent down, and stepped my back-foot down, bending the back half of the Chәễợlar down. Suddenly, I could only see white. hyper-speed.

The End

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