Saving Schüæla

Have you ever wondered if there is another world like Earth? Well, here's your answer...sort of.
Schüæla is a world where humans live and die and eat and drink. It's a world where they make friends, wear clothes and own businesses. But that's about the only thing that's the same as our world.
The rest of it is groggy and marshy, almost like a enormous swamp, but bigger. Schüæla is a bigger planet that Earth, and it has more space. But Schüæla is under attack, and only one person will gather



 Five hundred years ago, a storm was rising. It was a storm so terrifying; so fierce that no one had a hope of living through it. But just one person was the person to save our world. He was just a child, born out of wedlock to no sisters, cousins or brothers. He was called Nathanuel. He was just five years of age, and he braved the viscious winds; the terrible cold and the icy rain to go to the Temple Of Time to ask for forgiveness of this world.

 It worked, and for the first time in months, Schüæla was calm and normal again. Nathanuel was a hero, and everyone loved him and knew his name, all over the world. But nobody knew what he did to save this world, and they never found out. Until this boo--

"Nate! No more reading, it's time for bed." Came the shrill sound of Martha's voice. Martha was quite an old woman with thinning red hair, wrinkles upon wrinkles on her face with always-squinting eyes. No one had really ever seen the true colours of those eyes.

 Martha was the maid of the houshold of which a young boy called Nate and his mother, Lana, lived in.

 "Aw but Martha! It's just getting to the good part! Five more minutes, please!" Nate pleaded. Martha harrumphed and nodded angrily before storming out.

 Nate was five years old, and he dreamed of being just like Nathanuel, the Saviour of Schüæla.

The End

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