Chapter ThreeMature

He couldn’t walk fast enough to keep up, so he scurries, his backpack swaying back and forth, the canvas rustling against the fabric of his shirt. Evan’s left foot fails him as he steps over a crease in the pavement, and he grunts as he momentarily stumbles. Teagan looks back at him, and pulls up her sunglasses from her eyes as if to inspect him once more, “Are you coming?” she asks, her eyes darting to and fro behind him. Her hair is cropped short and onyx black, like a halo of dark cloud. What did this girl have to hide? She sighs. “I honestly don’t know what the fuck I’m doing right now,” she admits and then continues walking. She pulls the sunglasses back over her face, as if they were a disguise. Her pace is quick, her hips swaying back and forth as she wills her body to move quickly. Evan looks around every few moments, expecting a pursuer to pop out from an alley.

“Hey,” he says to her, and slows to a walk. “Hey!” She stops. “Is there some chase happening that I don’t know about?” Evan asks her, frowning.

“No, look…” Teagan stops, and places her hands on her hips, her breath is short. “Do you know what you are? I mean, do you know the weight of what… you can do?” Teagan turns around, and starts walking briskly again.

“Stop! You don’t know anything about me,” Evan spits defensively. “This is ridiculous.” The more Evan thinks about the matter, the less he wants to follow Teagan. “I don’t need to follow you anywhere.” His disposition was something he had spent months dedicated to hiding from his family, and then from the world around him. “I’m not exactly advertising that I’m a certified nut-job.” Teagan huffs, and smiles nervously.

“Ok, maybe I’m coming on a bit too strong. I just,” her shoulders slump, and she lowers herself to the curb. “I feel like I can’t let you out of my sight right now.” She kicks at a piece of gravel with her toe. “Will you come to my house with me? The Ironmade Man can wait, but I feel like we were meant to be together right now. I mean, I can really feel it. Every fiber-of-my-fucking-being kind of feel it.” Evan nods his head. The day around them slowly dissolving into a cloudless day. He puts down his backpack, and takes a moment to figure out where they are. Within the heart of the residential area of downtown Vancouver, they were in the least crowded area of the Greater downtown area. The traffic is measureable and loud, but the sound is dulled within their suburban rest stop.

“Where is home?”

“North Vancouver. Not far from the ferry. Come on, we can figure out our next step from there.” Teagan says, and smiles.


The ferry was nearly empty, which suited Evan well. He had lately grown adverse to crowds. It was almost as if he could sense the energies within people around him, and it caused him great unease.

The last time Evan had used public transit was in the afternoon on a Friday. He had attempted to take the train from Roundhouse to City Center, and even on the escalator he had felt trapped. As he travelled down the metallic stairway he could feel the difference in the air. It was like being slowly lowered into a gaseous cloud. His lungs had growing difficulty gathering air and his thoughts became sluggish. Everywhere he stepped there were people surrounding him, touching him. He stood waiting for the train, just thinking about what stop he intended to get to was challenging. When the train arrived in a whirl of air and sound, and the doors opened with a hiss.  He focused his thoughts on willing his feet forward, but instead his legs shut down. He fell to his knees, gasping for air. Others jostled past him, shooting him dirty looks and pushing at his cumbersome backpack to get around him. His breath laboured, he slowly crawled to the end of the platform, the space along the wall being the least crowded space in the underground crypt.

There he sat well into the afternoon, until the day began to cool and night approached. His head slowly began to filter, and it was then he realized that he had been filled. With what he couldn’t be sure, but it had been consuming, and entirely overbearing. From then on he had avoided crowds, especially taking the train.


Evan makes sure to sit away from anyone else, Teagan following his lead. They sit by the

window, and turn around on their knees to watch the water swirl past as the boat glides through the water. Every once in a while Teagan turns to Evan and smiles, but otherwise they sit in silence. Each time she does, Evan inspects his reflection in her lenses. His nose looks three times its’ normal size, and his cheeks were redder than usual. Teagan pulls out a cellphone from the pocket of her jeans. It was one of the old flip ones, with an extendable antenna. “It’ll be lunch time by the time we get home. I think you’ll like my place. I don’t live with parents or anything like that. Haven’t for a looong time-” For a moment Teagan appears her age, chatting amiably with another teenager. Maybe to an outsider they just look like a couple of high school kids skipping class. Evan smiles. It was nice to feel normal again.

All too soon the ferry docks, and the moment is lost. Teagan regains sternness, and directs Evan towards her house.

They walk for a few minutes before Teagan turns around and says to Evan, “I live with two women, and one of them has a child. Lydia is tough as nails, but Ophelia-” Teagan stops for a moment, her eyes widen. “Why didn’t I think of it before?” A smile fans across her face, and she bumps her fist into the air. “He can’t help her, he’s too sick. But you, Evan- you could!” Teagan turns up a driveway, and bolts towards the door. She opens it, and a small girl rushes out onto the grass, smiling and joyful. Evan stands on the pavement and looks at the girl, he recognizes her instantly but cannot admit to himself that she stands there in front of him. He remains, statue still waiting for a moment yet to come. He hears Teagan say hello to someone inside, her voice sounds distant, echoing through the air between them. A woman steps out onto the doorway, somehow he already knows who it will be, but he waits until he sees the glimmer of blue from her azure eyes. The child laughs, the sound distant in Evan’s ears. He begins to breathe rapidly. This was all too much- she was here? Teagan had taken him to her? The child runs towards Evan, her laugh wild, a giggle escaping her lips. She reaches out towards him and places the palm of her hand on his knee. The last thing he hears is Teagan’s voice calling out his name, before the world he knows fades to black.




“Good afternoon Lydia,” Mr. Ellis waves in Lydia’s direction as he walks past her desk. She raises her chin up in acknowledgement, a smile on her face, eyes never leaving the screen of her computer. Her shellac nails click across her keyboard, desperate to move faster. The phone next to her rang, she clicks her tongue, and looks over to the receptionists’ desk, which is empty, and with a flash picks up the receiver.

“Rosen- Shiller- Ellis- this is Mr. Eillis’s receptionist Miss Dean speaking. How may I direct your call this afternoon?” Lydia pauses, nervously. It was Shiller’s wife, Marilyn. “Yes Marilyn, on her break, yes I know, just a second.” Lydia puts her on hold, and sends the call to Shiller’s line. Lydia sighs.

In the past few weeks she had been getting behind on her work, and it seemed like a single phone call could slow her pace. Lydia continues to type the correspondence that Ellis had requested from her. Hands cramping, and thighs twitching, she finishes her last sentence. Lydia stands, pulling her skirt back down over her thighs. There was something about her fanciful leather office chair that make all of her skirts ride up her hips. She rereads her work bent over, trying to bring life back into her feet within her lacquered high heels.

Everything looks good, and she prints her work out. She fills a folder with her printed correspondence and walks to Mr. Ellis’s door. She knocks lightly, and waits for him to welcome her in.

Mr. Brandon Ellis was a kind hearted man- with a heart that didn’t work very well. His young son, Hunter was often in the office, hovering over him with eagerness that only a young adult could have. If Hunter wasn’t carefully gathering information about the ins and outs of being a lawyer, he was nagging his father about his cholesterol. Lydia chose to spoil her kindly old man often with baked treats, but never on a day she knew Hunter was around.

Today however, Hunter was not present, and Brandon Ellis had a half eaten plate of cream cheese squares sitting next to him at his desk.

“Thank you Lydia,” he says, wiping at his mouth with a napkin. “And you know, I swear you are just trying to bribe a raise out of me with these treats. I must be the luckiest man in this law firm.” There was truth to it, Lydia was desperate to keep her job and stay on Brandon Ellis’s good side. She knew that she did not keep up on her temp work, try as she may. She was constantly being pulled away- more ‘important’ matters that needed attending to.

“I just love cooking and baking. I’ve got a full enough house for it! But hey, if a raise is what you were thinking would be a good exchange, I’m all ears.” Brandon Ellis laughs, and throws out his napkin.

“Very funny Lydia. How’s that full house? I’d love another visit from your niece- Lily was it?”

“I’m sure her and Ophelia will visit sometime soon, don’t you worry. They’re doing just fine, Lily loves this summer heat. Why don’t you start hassling Hunter to find himself a pretty lady? Huh? Make you some grand-babies you can spoil?”

“I don’t think the boy thinks about anything but his S.A.T.’s. That and my caloric intake.” Brandon Ellis scoffs. “I’ll have to live vicariously through your dear niece until he gets making a family set in his mind,” Lydia smiles, and turns to leave. “Oh, Lydia, just wait a moment. Could you run these to Shiller?” Brandon Ellis raises a cumbersome stack of files off his desk. Lydia feels sighs and struggles to remain smiling. She had desperately hoped to avoid that man today, she had too much work to catch up on.

“Yes of course Mr. Ellis. Will that be all?” She takes the files.

“No dear, you skittle off now.” Lydia leaves the room, and closes the door behind her. She turns her face towards the door for a moment, to take a deep breath. A little thrill runs through her, and she shakes her head. Focus, work! She turns around, and walks towards Shiller’s office. She knocks on his door, and winces when she hears his voice call her to come in.

As she walks into the room, she sees that Shiller was still on the phone with his wife. He sees her, and grins placatingly. He points to his desk for all of the files, then points her towards one of his leather office chairs. Lydia places the files down and makes her way to the chair. She raises her chin up, and slowly lowers herself into the chair, knowing that Shiller’s eyes are glued to her. She crosses her legs at her ankles, straightens her back, and smiles ever so slightly.

Steven Shiller was an entirely average man. Thankfully he was younger than his two older partners in the firm, but not by much. Steven Shiller’s age had made itself known within his receding hairline, and rounding stomach. He leans back in his chair, and undoes the front of his blazer. His thin lips curl into an eager smile. Lydia’s resolution does not falter one bit when she comes to realize that today would be yet another day that her quota falls short. Shiller beckons to Lydia, who looks around the office space automatically, to be sure nobody else can see.

“Yes of course,” Shiller says absent mindedly to his wife, still on the phone. He pulls the receiver away from his face and motions with his hand that she is yet again talking on, and on, and on. Lydia glances around once more, to see if any of the window blinds are not fully closed. She remains seated, anxious, excited? She could never quite tell in these situations. Shiller’s eyes remain locked on Lydia, glancing up and down her body. He nods, and again agrees with his wife. He motions once more for Lydia to move forward, and approach him. Lydia raises her eyebrow, and shakes her head. Shiller scowls for a moment and then says into the phone, “Marilyn, I have a call coming in, I’ll talk to you later. Kisses.” He slams the receiver. “Must we do this every single time Miss Dean?” He asks, and stands up. He strides towards Lydia and looks at her imploringly.

“Yes,” she says sternly.

“Alright, alright. Same amount. Same account. Yada, yada, yada! Is that alright?” Shillers’ fists are clenched, and Lydia holds up a hand to his chest, feeling the sweat forming underneath. Slowly she pushes him backwards, back towards his chair. They had little time before raising suspicion. His face softens once he realizes that she’s agreed to his terms once again. He lowers himself into the chair, as Lydia slowly unfastens the belt around his waist. He runs his hands over her bare shoulders, her dark skin soft and warm to his touch. Very quickly she sets to work, taking his member into her mouth, swallowing down his substantial girth. He might be a mousey and overweight looking man, but he did have that one asset that Lydia was sure in his youth had made him popular with women.

Lydia can’t help herself but enjoy the taste of him in her mouth- she never could. Shiller groans as she moves her head up and down faster, and faster. When he is close, he places his hands on either side of her face, and implores her to stop. She looks up at him, and he motions her body upwards, tugging at her skirt, pulling it up over her hips. Lydia stops his hand.

“That’s not what you paid for Mr. Shiller.”

“It’s what I want. I’ll pay double the usual amount.” Shiller says, as Lydia pulls her skirt back down. ‘I want to feel your pussy, I want to taste you, fill you up, Lydia please,” Shiller wraps his hand around his cock and strokes up and down, keeping himself hard.

“You’d have to pay triple. And we wouldn’t do it here. I’m not going to fuck you when I have work to do.” Shiller nods his head eagerly.

“I’ll rent a room downtown. What would you prefer? Hilton? The Delta? Tonight. Yes. It has to be tonight.” He zips up his pants quickly, and runs his hand over Lydia’s thigh. Lydia processes the offer. He’d never needed more than a quick blowjob to keep him at bay before. Triple the amount he usually paid was not something Lydia could turn down. She was behind on the mortgage payments by three months, and Lily’s birthday was coming up. Ophelia would need help getting gifts.

Something inside of Lydia has already said yes. She had not been with a man for quite some time, and although this was an mediocre, faded man, he was an mediocre faded man with a massive… bank account, offering her a lot of money. Her thoughts went to Teagan. Her sweet, innocent, loving Teagan. She pushes these thoughts away quickly, too overcome with the sudden eagerness for her sexual exploitation with her answer to have herself try and talk herself out of it.

“Alright, Steven. But this is a one time thing. Truely, one time,” she says, and smiles devilishly. She pushes herself up onto the desk and spreads her legs in front of Shiller’s face. “But you’ll have to wait until tonight for anymore fun,” she teases, rubbing herself for a moment. She then lowers herself off of the desk, straightens her skirt, and sashayes her hips towards the door.

The End

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