Higher Education

The first day of school. Ugh. I hope none of my teachers force us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class like they did at the beginning of the GCSE's. This will be the most dangerous week for me, there are so many new people joining the sixth form that I'm bound to get someone trying to be my friend.

Focus Landon. 2 more years, starting today, and you're free.

Free from your family, free from your school and your crummy, run-down 'village'.

Free from society.

I've just had English followed by Biology for the first two periods. Luckily all the teachers did was try and confirm for themselves who was who. 

And why did so many of them moan when they got that activity sheet about cells? It was so unbelievably easy! Easier than some of the sheets we were given at GCSE level! Just wait 'till the real A-level work starts pouring in, then the moaning will mutate into sobbing!

"Hi there! My name's Caisey." What? After stopping in my tracks I'm turning slowly to see who said that, hoping that it wasn't directed at me. Oh no. It is. This girl has short, bob-style black hair, about my height and with a hand out-stretched towards me, a friendly smile naturally spread across her face.

How do people do that?

Smile, so...genuinely.

"Uh, the name's Landon." I shake her hand and then bring it back to support my books. Before she can continue this awkward conversation, I'm going to head off.

"I like how you ignored everyone in class back there. Admirable." I like this girl already, actually I think I remember seeing her during class. Although I was at the front she got up to the teacher's desk to get another sheet of paper. I remember the look of weary frustration on her face mildly concealed. 

Empathy? I don't know if my emotions can stretch that far.

"Um, thanks. I'm going to head off to the library now. I need to do some more reading up on 'The Colour Purple'", our first english text.

"Ooh, that's a great idea, why don't I join you?" 


This is the first time in my life, ever, where someone has been willing to do extra work other than last-minute homework during break. In fact, she didn't even question me on why I would 'waste' my break?


But nice. 

So not everyone is as stupid and senseless as I thought.

Wow. I learn something new every day.

The End

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