Chapter 7Mature

"Hey, Adrian." I sat at his feet on the hospital bed, tapping his hand lightly with my newly manicured fingers- my mom forced me to get them done. He opened his eyes, squinting at my nails. I drew my hands back and used them to prop me up. "How's it hangin'?" I asked. He scoffed. "On a thread. What happened to your hands?"

"What happened to them?" I repeated. "My mom." Adrian showed no emotion. "Oh." He closed his eyes, but made an effort to stay awake. "What's going on at school?" "It's only been a few days, my parents haven't made me go back yet. I have to on Monday, though." He sighed. "Why are you staying home? Are you sick? Do you have some kind of disease?" He didn't wait for an answer. "Then go to effin' school, Tori." My eyes widened, although I wasn't surprised. Cussing was second nature to Aid, thanks to his father- though he tried to cover it up in front of me, because A, he knows I don't like it and B, he doesn't think it's polite to swear in front of women. "I've been having Connor pick up our homework, though." I plopped a huge pile of papers and books in Adrian's lap. "There you go." Weirdly enough, he smiled. "Ah, Mister Bergmann. Memories." He chuckled. "At least it's somethin' to do. Thanks." He glanced over at the assignments, then set them on the table.

"I hate to sound like I'm kicking you out, but.. I'm kicking you out. I'm really friggin' tired." He rubbed his brow, as if to prove his exhaustion. I didn't want to leave, but I wasn't going to stay if he didn't want me there. "'Kay. Bye, Aid. I'll text you." He saluted me as if I was a soldier, and I returned the favor as I exited the room.


The End

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