Chapter 3Mature

When I woke up, I was laying down on a bed with a painfully thin mattress in the nurses office. I rubbed my eyes and sat upright. I was in a daze for only a quick moment, remembering what happened to Adrian. I jolted out of the bed and swung myself through the door. I heard the bell ring, and all of the middle schoolers swarmed out of their classrooms and into the hallway. I found Amy, Most Likely To Be Valedictorian, in the mess and grabbed the back of her sweater. She yelped, and tried to escape, but I had already pulled her aside and began to talk.

"Where is he? What happened to him?" I shook her shoulders. "I-I-don't-what-I-who-" She stuttered. "Oh, um, Adrian?" I nodded my head. "What's going on?" Amy sighed, and hushed her voice. "Adrian, well, he... After he fell down, Ms. Grady called 911, and then you fainted, and so we got you to the nurses office. Anyways, the doctors took Adrian in their ambulance and started performing CPR and checking his heartbeat and blood pressure and his breathing and they stuck a bunch of IVs in his arm. Then they drove off to the hospital." My heart sunk. "That's all you know?" She shuffled her foot on the dirty white tile flooring. "Yeah. I'm sure he'll be okay, Victoria, I mean, c'mon, he's Adrian, and he wouldn't just get sick and die!" She gasped and covered her mouth, wanting to take the words back. "I-I'm so sorry, that didn't come out right, that's not what I meant to say, I'm sorry!" She blabbed on, but I didn't care.

I walked away, glancing at the clock. 1:56. School would soon be over. I kept on walking, not sure of where I was going, when I was almost tackled down by Mrs. House. "Oh, oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't try to knock you down, Victoria! I just- you scared the living daylights out of me, don't just- up and leave like you did! You have to tell me you're leaving! You can't.." She brushed off my shoulders and smiled. "Well, your mother is here to pick you up, she's been waiting for you to wake up so she can take you home." I stepped back a little. My mom never picked me up- I always had to walk or ride the bus. And she really never picked me up before school was over. She wouldn't let us miss a second of school- no matter what. It's a good thing I don't get sick that easily. "Um, okay."

I followed the nurse to the secretary's office, where I could see my mom in a deep conversation with my principal. "...and I don't think that it's very effective when you send emails to inform other teachers of things, like.. if Charles and Tori were late, and I called in to tell you that- you shouldn't email their homeroom to tell them that, you should call them. Not every teacher is on their little computers all day long, at 8:25, they start teaching. And that requires them to be off the Internet and talking to their class. Speaking of which, Ellie has been complaining about her social studies teacher.. what's her name.. oh, Ms. Wyres.." Mrs. House motioned for me to sit down on the cushiony chair. I did, and she waved and hurried down the hall.

I plopped my backpack on the ground. 'I wonder what happened to Adrian.' I thought. I pondered the thought for a while, when it came to me. 'He was pushing himself too hard, not getting enough sleep, gulping down his food, and always running and playing hard sports- that's all. He'll just need some rest. And it was probably hard for him to breath, because.. he forgot to keep a steady breathing pace while running. There we go. See, Victoria? He's going to be fine.' No, that wasn't right. Adrian wasn't stupid. He wouldn't push himself too hard- and he definetely wouldn't forget to breath. I shook it off, and tuned back into my mom's conversation. "..she's not learning anything in math! All he does is talk about his dog! And he just passes everyone, no matter how they are actually doing in that class. It's ridiculous." She turned around, and saw me. "Oh, Victoria." She came and wrapped her arms around me. "Oh sweetie." She kissed the top of my head. "Let's go home."

After I had went to my locker and grabbed my things, we went out into the parking lot and got in our dark blue SUV.

The End

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