Chapter 2Mature

I kneeled down at his side. "Adrian, wake up! Wake up!" I shook him, screaming into his face. Ms. Grady and the rest of my classmates ran towards us. "Victoria, what happened?" Her voice quivered, and she knelt down next to me, putting her hand on Adrian's head, then taking it back, puzzled. "I-I don't know. He was fine today, and we were just running, and I- I don't know!" I stuttered, and fell forward onto his chest. I could feel him breathing, but it was staggered and forceful- it wasn't natural, he was really struggling to breath. I got up and brushed off my knees. I looked around at the googling eyes of my peers. "Well, what are you all standing around waiting for? Someone needs to call for help, damn it!" I shouted, sending many of them running towards the bleachers for their cell phones.

"Get back over here, I've already called for an ambulance!" Ms. Grady yelled, jogging back towards the field from the school, the nurse tottling behind her. I hadn't even noticed she'd left.

The nurse, Mrs. House, nudged me to the side, and leaned over Adrian. She put her lips on his and performed CPR. I almost threw up, it looked like she was raping him. 'Adrian would freak out if he knew this was happening to him.' I thought. I watched Mrs. House pull back slightly, looking very nervous. It made me sick, if she wasn't sure of his well-being, then how could I be? I suddenly felt light headed, and the last thing I remembered was seeing a blur of red and blue lights, and hearing sirens pull closer. Then I blacked out.

The End

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