Saving AdrianMature

 "Now, if x equals 309, and y equals x to the third power, then what is the value of y?" My math teacher, Mr. Bergmann, droned on and on. I stared ahead at the whiteboard at the front of the classroom day dreaming, when suddenly, someone tapped my right shoulder. I turned to look at my best friend, Adrian, who was rapidly waving a piece of paper in front of my face. I sputtered, then took it from his big hands. As I unfolded it, Mr. Bergmann called on me. "Miss Wilson?" I slowly brought my gaze up to my teacher, who was standing directly in front of my desk. "Um, yes?" I said in my most bored and slightly rude tone. "What is that you're holding in your hand there?" He peered down at the unopened note in my lap, then looked back at me. "It's a note."

"Hm. And it just couldn't wait until the end of class, could it?" He crossed his arms in a way that let me know that he meant business. "Well, I dunno, I didn't get the chance to read it yet." I said. He chuckled. "Well, I have an idea that will please the both of us. Why don't you go on up and read it in front of the class, Finley?" I put my feet up on my desk and laid back in my chair. "Yeah, how 'bout I don't?"

"If you choose not to follow my orders, I will have to send you down to the office to see Miss Cortel." I began to pack up my things. "That's cool, the place is like a second home to me."

"Same goes to you, Adrian." Mr. Bergmann huffed, ignoring my comment. "Like I care. I'd do anything to get out of this place." Adrian said, swinging his backpack over his shoulder, joining me in the walk to the door. As soon as the thick wooden door had shut behind us, Adrian began to talk. "Ok, Fin, this is the perfect time to escape! Seriously, he's not gonna call the office-" "Yeah, he is. Do you know how many times we've gotten in trouble in his class?" "Like, a lot, but-"

"Don't be a wuss," I interrupted, "Just take the visit to the office and have that be the end of it. I mean, we still have a lot more things to do today. We were gonna have that food fight- today's spaghetti! Oh, and what about the Whoopie cushions and the fake blood and all the other crap that we were gonna put in the teacher's lounge?" Adrian sighed. "The food fight'll be worth it, but the other stuff's for kids. We can do better, Fin."

"We are kids, Adrian." I corrected. He sighed. "We're teenagers. Not kids. There's a difference." "Whatever." I mumbled. I wasn't going to add to the conversation- Adrian could be really argumentive and hot-tempered when he wanted to be. I glanced up at the entrance to the office, but I didn't open the door- our principal Miss Cortel had for us. "Well hello. Surprise seeing you here." Her voice was a high pitched whining sound, and it drove me crazy. Me and Adrian followed her inside and took a seat at her desk. "I'm not even going to get that deep into this. You two need to shape up, or I will suspend you. Maybe even expell you."

I turned to look at Adrian, smiling. "By God, we did it! We're out of here!" I laughed, and he laughed with me. Miss Cortel did not. "I mean it. Finley, I can't imagine that your parents would be pleased to find out that you were kicked out of school."


The End

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