Saving AdrianMature

He has been my best friend since the first grade. We have done everything together. And now I'm losing him.

"Now, if x equals y, and x equals 298, then how-" My math teacher, Mr. Bergmann droned on and on. Suddenly. I felt a slight tap on my right shoulder. I turned to my right and Adrian sat there, waving a piece of paper in the air near my face. I took it from his hand and counted how many times I had to unfold it. One fold meant it wasn't important, two meant is was almost important, and any more than that was very important. One, two.  I opened up the note and began to read it.

"El Torro-

 Did you hear about that new movie with Justin Timberlake in it? It comes out this Friday, do you want to go see it?"

I grabbed my pencil and scribbled down,


Actually, I haven't heard about it. But if it has Justin Timberlake in it, I think you know my answer.

P.S. I think that Justin deserves 4 folds!!"

I folded it into four pieces, and passed it back to Adrian. I watched him open up the note and start to write something in reply, but our teacher caught him and stomped over to our desks.

"What exactly is this, Mr. Matthews? Justin Timberlake? Oh, is this some nasty porn movie? I suppose that this Justin your talking about likes to strut around in a G-string in front of cameras with shirtless women?" Mr. Bergmann blubbered. The whole class started laughing at him. Victoria couldn't believe that it was possible to be so.. well, like Mr. Bergmann.

"Uh, no, Justin Timberlake is an actor and musician/singer, and the movie is a Sci-Fi Thriller, no 'G-Strings' or 'shirtless women' here, sir." Adrian snickered.

"Adrian, Victoria- Why don't you read this aloud to the class?" Mr. Bergmann said, putting his hands on his hips and tapping his foot.

"Yeah, how 'bout we don't?" I replied, staring him down.

"Sounds good to me." Adrian leaned back in his chair, and put his feet up on the desk.

Our math teacher started to stutter. He was so angry with us that his face turned purple. "You-Aid-Vict-go-just-ugh!" He yelled out in frustration. "Both of you- just go! Adrian and Victoria- go to the office, just- Adrian get your feet off that desk! Go!" I grabbed my books and slid them off my desk into my bookbag, and slung it over my shoulder, exiting the classroom. I started to turn to see if Adrian was following suit, but he started to talk before I could even make a 10 degree turn.

"Tori, we should ditch. I mean, this is the opportune moment, he tells us to go, so.. we go!" I sighed, and looked at him. "To the office, Adrian. He said to go to the office. And I want to start another food fight today, we can't miss that! It's tater tot hotdish, perfect food fight material! Besides, where would we go? It's a small town, people would recognize us, and that we ditched. I can't risk getting into that kind of trouble with my mom! You know she'd be pissed."

Adrian scoffed, paused to stare down at something on the tiled floor, then continued shuffling down the hallways. "Yeah, I guess a food fights enough trouble for a Tuesday." When we had finally reached the door to the office, Adrian stopped. "Do we really have to go in there? I doubt that Mr. Bergmann even bothered to call the office, and-" "Adrian!" I shouted, cutting him off. Then, bringing my voice to a whisper, I said, "Yes, we have to go in. I am sure he called. We always mess around in his class. He isn't that incredibly stupid."

Adrian sighed, and swung the heavy wooden door open. "God Tori, sometimes I think that you're the goodiest goody-goody I have ever met." I blew a raspberry at him and walked into the office. It smelled like printers, paper, and bologna sandwiches. The smell was familiar, yet, disgusting. I'd been in here countless times, and I still wasn't used to the odor. I wondered how the secretary could stand it. Suddenly, I therewas a loud creaking sound to my left. Ms. Fellone, our school's principal, exited her office.

"Oh look. Adrian and Victoria. What a surprise." Her voice was whiny, like a child's when they were complaining about not getting what they wanted. "What a surprise." She repeated. "I mean, I haven't seen you in, what, I don't know- 24 hours?" She continued. "And in Mr. Bergmann's class again? Give the poor man a break. What do you have against him?" She stared us down. Apparently that was a question we were supposed to answer.

"I don't have anything against him as a person, but as a teacher- I just don't like him. Basically, his class sucks. I mean, he'll be teaching us about, let's say, the area of a perpendicular triangle, then he'll start bawling because, 'triangles were Jean's favorite shape.' Jean is- or was, his dog. It was funny for the first couple months of school, but now- it's just annoying." Adrian finished, clearing his throat.

Ms. Fellone sighed. "And because you don't like his class, that gives you the right to disrespect him? You are children, he is an adult, and whether you like it or not, you need to respect him. Two weeks detention, and if you cause any more trouble, I swear on Jesus' holy name that I will give the both of you the worst punishment you've ever had." She glanced at the clock. "It's almost time for third period. You two run along, or you're going to be late."

"'Kay, bye." I said, heaving the heavy wooden door open, and carefully stepping out. "Okay, so we won't ditch school, can we ditch detention?" Adrian asked.

"Oh my God, Adrian! Shut up!": I laughed, punching him in the arm. He hit me back, and I ran into the wall. Now Adrian was the one laughing. I brought myself up, and continued to walk to class.

The bell rang- time for third period. Science- the only class that I surprisingly had never got in trouble in. Probably because Adrian wasn't there. There wasn't any expieriments to do- just sitting in a too-small desk, listening to Mr. Launger blab on about the affects pollution has on our enviroment.

The bell ran again, and I grabbed my bag and ran out to the hall to my locker. I shoved my bookbag in there and pulled out my gym clothes. I hurried into the girls' locker room, got changed, and ran back out. Adrian was waiting at my locker, like always.

"Hey, El Torro." He said. "Hey Aid. What are we doing in phys. ed today?" I asked, pulling my long brown hair into a ponytail. "Well, Stephen and those guys were saying something about soccer-" He started.

"Yes!" I exclaimed, shooting my right fist into the air and tightly down into my chest. Soccer was my favorite sport. "But," Adrian continued. " who knows if thats actually right- Stephen is pretty stupid." I laughed, and we started walking out to the field, following the rest of our class.

"Alright, people!" Ms. Grady, the gym teacher, shouted, then blew her whistle. Everyone turned their attention to her. "Today we are going to play a nice game of soccer. Now, to warm up, I want you to run around the field twice. Go!"

I started running, Adrian by my side. We hadn't even made it halfway around when Adrian started panting. "You okay, Aid?" I asked him. "Ye-yeah, I'm just, you know, t-tired." He trailed off, and started to slow down, clutching at his chest. I slowed with him, starting to get worried. Adrian was a Cross Country runner, running around the field ONE HUNDRED times and he wouldn't even break a sweat! "Aid, are you okay?" I repeated. "I'm fine, Vic! I'm just t-tired!" He tried to catch up with everyone, but he couldn't. I watched helplessly as he fell to the ground; as he fainted.

The End

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