This is only the beginning

12 leaders ban together to overthrow a cruel leader. With a little help from a few warriors.

My name is Kwang- Sun Moon. I come from a Galaxy far from Earth called Dasta. This has been my home for many years. Dasta was born one thousand years ago when the star Luzvimindo died. My grandfather, along with the rest of the elderly came from a different galaxy. Nobody ever spoke of their old galaxy, so the secrets and the identity of their former galaxy died in the grave along with those who knew the truth. I live on one of the thirteen planets in our Galaxy. My native planet is Ararat, the fourth richest of Dasta. I have seen our planet thrive, and now I fear I will see the end of it.

Two hundred and forty years ago, on the day of my birth, the first ruler of Dasta died at the age of one thousand seven hundred and eighty two. After Dunstan's death the title got passed down to his greedy oldest son, Matas. All Matas wanted was money and power. He didn’t care for the well being of his people, and his mother knew it. Dunstan's wife, Hyun, tried everything in her power to prevent Matas from gaining his father's title. She requested to run the galaxy till her death, but according to Dastanian laws females are not allowed to have any title other than a wife, mother, or daughter. Women had no jobs, no money of their own, and were expected to take care of all the children. Despite this Hyun pleaded with the government to give the power to one of Dunstan's other sixty seven sons, but they shot her down and removed her from their office. Matas was informed about his mother’s betrayal, and vowed to make her life miserable till the day of her death. Since that day she has been shunned by all of her family. Hyun was poor and was moved to mejia, the poorest planet of all. She warned everyone she met of all the evil her son was capable of, but nobody every believed her until one fatal day.

Matas felt that having lots of planets was useless if they were poor. Twenty years ago my grandfather was one of the men in Matas’ army, and when he was told to blow up mejia he refused. Even though our close family is wealthy we have distant family and friends that live there. When Matas commanded him again he refused a second time. Matas took the gun out of his guards holster and shot my grandfather right between the eyes. He decided to annihilate the planet himself. He had no feeling of remorse knowing that his mother was on that planet, and that he took the lives of millions of Dastanians. Deep down he was a cold person and nobody could change that. Many of his family member cut ties with him, and denied any connection with him. This made Matas even angrier and one by one he had everyone of his brother’s and sister’s killed. Killing three hundred and twelve of his siblings and his mother wasn’t enough. He had all of his nieces and nephews killed too.

After these series of events the remaining twelve planets secretly banned together to stop Matas. Twelve leader were to personally  train the strongest of the strongest on their planet to fight Matas. The men in his army were threatened that if they left they would die along with all of their family. The army of the Twelve planets was called Nimfa’s Army, dedicated to my grandfather. I go to work everyday with the hope that one day we will be able to overthrow Matas. I don’t have a family of my own, but other soldiers have a family that they will protect at any cost.

“ Who’s ready to kick some butt!” I yell into the crowd of Araratanians.

I look around me, and I see a crowd of people with the potential to do great things. I put my faith in all of my people, and those from the other eleven remaining planets. Together with a force this large anything is possible. The only problem is getting them to listen.

The End

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