"Richies? No way! I find that idea almost as preposterous as me thinking you were bandits!" you say, putting on a preposterous face. "That's the town of beggars!"

"Beggars is it?" Not-So-Bad Breath nods.

"Crown? You sure?" Straggly says.

It's obvious that Straggly is better with his geography than Not-So-Bad Breath.

"I thought that was Mekala, and Crown was where the Crown King lives and stuff. The City of Royalty," Straggly says. "Hey, Ronno?"

Not-So-Bad Breath -- Ronno -- shrugs. "I dunno."

"It is, now that I remember. One of my aunts worked there. Why are you lying to us?" Straggly asks you.

The End

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