Jump out at them

You decide to jump out at them. They stop in the middle of the road and look at you.

"Who are you?" one of them with straggly brown hair says.

"Me?" you say.

"Yes, you," Straggly says.

"I'm someone in need of a lift to a town called Crown," you answer, not wanting to give out too many details.

"Ah, Crown. Well, we're passing by there. Would you like to hitch a ride with us, then?" Straggly says.

You nod, then a question drifts across your mind.

"Can I ask a question?" you say as you're climbing onto their cart.

"Yeah, ask away," the one with the bad breath and black hair says, sitting beside you. Straggly's out the front, trying to get the horses into motion. 

"Are you bandits?"

They burst out in laughter. "Bandits?" Straggly wheezes, laughing. "No!"

"We're fishermen," Bad Breath says, waving towards the back of the cart. "That's not my breath you're smelling, that's the fish."

You turn scarlet. "Right. It was just the conversation that I heard before..."

"Ah, yes. That. We were talking about surprising people with our catch, were we not?" Bad Breath, or Not-So-Bad Breath says to Straggly.

"Yeah, that was right. We always surprise people with the amount and quality of our fish. If we didn't, then we'd be out of business, because there's plenty of people out there with a consistent amount of fish able to be sold, and we're the surprisers." Straggly flicks a grin into the back of the cart. "Bandits, no!"

The End

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