Lose your temper with her

"Alright, alright, woman. I'm starting to get very sick of you," you say, tapping your foot on the floor. "Now, enough of your talking. All I want to know is: how can I get in and save the princess?"

"Ah, losin' yer temper, are ye? Every princeling seems to be doing it these days." The old woman sighs. "Fine, you want to know where the princess is?"

"Yes, and get on with it!" you snap.

"Calm your farm," the woman says, infuriating you.

"I am not going to calm my farm when there's a princess trapped in there, waiting to be rescued!" you burst out.

The old woman eyes you. She frowns. "You are one very rude person." Then her eyes disappear from the slit, and you can hear her muffled voice behind it. "And I am not letting you gain entry into this castle."

You hear receding footsteps. The woman must be walking away!

The End

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