Chapter 5 (SM)Mature

I wrapped the binder around my chest with frustration, sucking in stale breaths as I did so. Smoking an entire pack in a day was something, considering it's me. Yes, I smoke, but at least I'm usually careful about it.

Turning to the side, I regarded myself with critical eyes. My chest appeared to be flat. Good.

I pulled on a grey shirt, and left my loose dark blue jeans on. Running a hand through my newly-dyed green hair, I sighed.

Way to go, Alicia. I thought. Liking crossdressing too. That's just fabulous. Hey, God? I don't like you either.

Thumping on the stairs drew my attention away from my inner monologue. Luci was lying at the bottom, a stunned look on her face. She must have fallen down. I sigh and walk slowly down, and I consider holding my hand out to her. I don't.

I walk away.

A year, maybe two ago, I would have. I would have helped her up and I would have fussed over her. Now I don't have the energy.

"Get up. We have to leave in ten minutes."

We're going shopping. It's really only because I need to get my hair cut and she needs a new pair of sneakers. Otherwise I would have just gone and hung out in the snow-covered park with nothing but a sweater on and read a book.

But Little Miss I-Need-Them-Right-Away didn't want to wait.


"They're coming. That's final." My voice was heavy and it booked no room for argument as Luci glared at the boys standing behind me. She opened her mouth to whine, but I must have looked ready to boil, because she closed it.

"Fine," She sulked. Satisfied, I led her out to Pierce's car, and us and the eight+ boys went on our way.

"So, Ink." One of them started, glancing curiously over to me. "You gonna come over on Saturday?" 

"Maybe." I said, sparing a meaningful glance at Luci. "I might have annoying things to take care of."

I'm bitter. I'm was bitter and messed up and cold.

And at this point, I really don't care.

The End

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