Chapter 1

After going home, which was a silent ride there, Faye decided to go to her room as she still felt rather tired, but Mark stopped her from going anywhere, "Where the hell do you think you are going huh?" she gae him a confused look and decided to do what her mind told her to do instead. She had to obey what the doctor told her after all.

"I said stop" he commanded her in a cold voice that made her flinch. She then felt a hand wrapping itself around her upper arm like a vice, "Let me go it hurts" she said, her eyes stinging her, that would mark later on  she thought with a pang of dissapointment. "No. You should learn your place" he snarled at her glaring into her eyes pulling her closer to him.

She defiantly looked back and said in a strong voice as she could muster, "Fine then, let's listen" his grip tightened some more making her wince but still trying to hold strong. "What did you tell that doctor?" he asked then his voice still with an edge of fury to it. Dr.Ryser. She had tried to forget about him, but she couldn't actually really forget about him, he had been so nice to her, and he really and truly wanted to help her but she was too afraid of saying a word at all...she couldn't risk anyone knowing what and how she led her life in private. Not after....

"I didn't tell him anything" she stated then obviously not having any problem stating this since she after all was saying the truth. "Why, you little insolent lying little"- he began as he threw her over the coffee table. She landed on it with a sickening crunch on her bad side, making her gasp with pain and tears sprung from her eyes from the pain. "Goddamit" she gritted her teeth, trying to lift herself up from the wreckage of the table, but he did it for her. He hauled her back up on her feet, her legs were shaking all over and she did not know what to do or say. It seemed like even the truth annoyed him from her, "It's the truth I swear!" he glared at her and struck her again across her cheek, the force of it splitting her lip open and her opaque eyes looked up at him in fear, "Please, don't do can't.." he snarled at her, pinning her to the wall instead of letting her knees give way and wrapped a hand around her neck gripping her windipe forcefully crushing the air out of it, making her gasp out for air, "You...I can't bre..a..the!" tears formed in her eyes as he held her with a tighter grip and bit back angrily, "You can never replace never will, you think a lowlife like yourself can?! I hate you Faye remember that, and you are just my plaything and to do with what I please are we clear on this?..I HATE YOU" and he left her with that letting go of her neck, watching her sink to the ground with a deadly smirk on his face. Her chest heaved for air since he was almost chocking her earlier.

"Mariah!" he yelled aruond the house. Mariah was one of the servant girls who wasn't much too older than Faye herself. Mark was always angry with everyone he thought that by inflicting pain on others he would probably feel better, and worse of all he did never feel the remorse for what he was doing. He knew Faye was beautiful but not nearly as much as what he had lost. Not nearly as much, she would never be as perfect as her...she was uselss, scum that needed to learn her place and to accept the reality of facts, that he hated her, and that his family also hated her.

"Faye!" Mariah crouched next to her putting a hand to her shoulder, watching her in trouble to breathe. Her dark eyes widened when she saw fingerprints on her pale neck and her lip bleeding. "Goodness, can you stand?" she asked her as she looked at Faye hoping she would recover from the shock. "Yes...I think..I can.." she breathed out taking Mariah's hand and trying to pull herself up. At her first attempt she stumbled clutching her side, and feeling a resonating pain in her ribs. It must have been the blow she took to her side when she smashed the coffee table.

Mariah slowly took her to her room, where she tended to the wound on her lip and talked to her mistress for a short while. Faye couldn't talk or say a word, she didn't want to listen to anyone, she just wanted to stay alone....she sat down on a chair in front of the window and began to stare out of it blankly sometimes tears rolling down her cheeks.

Four days had passed, and Faye hadn't improved at all in how she was feeling or acting. She just did what was necessary. Mark still raged with her every now and again but tried not to exaggerate as he knew it might unwantingly land her in hospital again. He forbade her to talk to her family members or anyone before the marks on her face would subside. That only increased her loneliness and annoyance. She did not have much to do around the house and began to help Mariah do some simple chores that would not make her feel the pain from her ribs.

One time then her cell phone rang and she picked it up, "Faye!" a sweet voice reached her ears making her faintly smile "Hey Ariana, how are you?" her sister did not like the sound of her voice, she sounded tired, which should not be as she was suppsoed to be at home resting. "I think I should ask you that question, but I am fine thank you, I miss you sis" she said with a sad voice.

"I miss you too little Ariana. I am doing ok don't worry for me" Faye moved up to a window and looked outside of it, longing to be able to go out for a walk without feeling any pain in her side. "When can we come and visit? Mum and I have been asking for ages to come, but Mark keeps coming up with excuses" she msued curious to know what her sister would answer to that.

"Ah yes. He is doing some works in here, and he said you should not get disturbed yet since the house isn't any presentable" Faye made it up, Mark would be furious with her if he got to know she had answered like that but that was the best she could do. "Oh. But we are family" she said still with a sad tone, "I only have you left sis" Faye felt guilty and lonely again feeling uneasy about how to respond. "I miss you too, don't worry you will soon be able to come and see me" her sister brightened up at that "Promise?". Faye sighed repeating, "Promise" with that she ened the call feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

She wouldn't go back to work until another two days and she was getting hell bored in that hell hole with nothing else much to do other than stupid routines, the bickering of Mark and some other things.She wondered what her face looked like, maybe she would go shopping in a few days time she thought just to get some fresh air.


"Mum" Ariana told her mother as she sat down at the dinner table, four days had passed and she still thought they ought to pay a visit to her sister, with her consent or not. "Yes dear?" her mother asked her pouring the food in her plate. "Why don't we go to Faye? She doesn't sound right, something isn't right in the way she talked mum" her mother smiled at her sadly patting her on the shoulder, "I wouldn't get to worked up for her if I were you, she will be fine don't worry. We will go and see her in a few days time don't worry" Ariana shook her blone head glaring down into her plate and stuffing the mashed potatoes in her mouth, "Alright, if you say so then fine" she muttered dropping off the subject as she knew it was pretty usless to argue over something that she definately could not win.


"Faye!" roared a voice that made her blood run cold. It was late but she couldn't get any rest so she resorted to read a book instead. Upon hearing his voice she put her bookmark in the book she was reading and went down the stairs to greet her husband. Or some kind of greeting. "My brother and mother came" he announced, and Faye felt herself growing even much colder. His brother Adam was no better than him, and his mother was worse than the two of them put together.

"Faye" Rose Richardson greeted her in a sickly voice feigning happiness to see her. She envelopedher in a hug which was tighter than she thought and in made her face scruch up with displeasure from the pain it caused. "How are you feeling dear?" she asked with the same fake smile. "A little bit better" she lied when suddenly she felt a poke in her side making her suck in a breath of pain. Adam smirked down at her and muttered, "A bit better huh? Does not look very much better to me, you still look awful" she tried to brush of his comment, but was stopped as Mark and his mother left them on their own.

Crap Crap what am I going to do now?

"So, tell me, how has your vacation in hospital been? I've heard that Mark wanted you back home because the doctor wanted to keep you another evening there" Faye just nodded and shrugged following him slowly, since she was still in pain where the goof had elbowed her. "You did it on purpose" she accused, Adam and Mark both shared the same dark green eyes but Mark had light brown hair when Adam had dirty blonde hair. "No I didn't" he muttered smirking at her.

She decided she had had enough, and passed by him angrily ignoring the pain and everything but found her wrist trapped tightly in his hand.

Oh no, what is he planning? she thought desperately as he puleld her flush against him. Her petite figure was against his larger frame. Her heart began to speed up, and he didn't let go his grip on her wrist. "Look Adam I have no time for your"- he made her shut up as he kissed her sore lip making her utter a muffled cry but he didn't bother, he still kissed her and then whispered against her ear "Mark says I can do whatever I like with you because you don't please him and he doesn't find you attractive enough, the goof has no idea what he is missing" with that he ran a hand down her back and gripped her backside painfully pulling her closer to him and making her more breathless. He kissed along her jaw and his other hand began to sneak it's way under her sweater when Mariah suddenly spoke, "Mark would like to speak to you sir" she addessed Adam. He gave her a longing gaze lust evident in his eyes and with one more brusiing kiss against her lips he said, "I will come back" and with that left to where his brother and mother were.

Oh no, you won't come back at all she said in her mind.Mariah asked her if she was alright and Faye shook her head not trusting herself to speak, that assult was new to her, he had never been so direct with her before. It was true her husband, Mark was with other women almost every single week or two weeks but he had never actually given his brother the liberty to do these things to her. She began to panic as she knew she had no way of escape and no way to avoid her way out of this one.

Her lips stung where he had bruisingly claimed her lips since the wound wasn't healed well yet. Places really hurt her. Heck if Dr.Ryser actually got to see her he would really be angry with her. He had ordered her a lot of rest, no physiclal exertion if possible and to avoid lifting certain things, and doing this or that. As it was she did exactly the opposite. The original bruise on her cheek began to subside now, she wasn't exactly pleased with it since it ruined her features but what was she suppsoed to do?!

She couldn't even get herself out of that ridiculous entangled web because he would make her pay for her trying to find help. If he knew that she ever said a word of what he did to her, and what his family did to her, he would do horrible things to her he had said, and he would make sure that they would break her for good.

She shuddered at such thoughts and began to think her mind was actually going insane it was the only thing she thoguht about lately. Maybe when she went back to work in two days time things wouldn't be as bad, it would be able to distract her away from the darkness in that house, that threatened to eat her up whole.

Sometimes she wondered about Dr.Ryser and if she would ever see him again. He seemed like a niice man although a curious one, and devilishly attractive. She suspected that unless she ened up in the ER for some reason then she would never see him again. Whilst she was paranoid about male doctors tending to her, this one had done her no particular harm even though she felt guilty she lied to him.

"Ah, there you are, shall we carry on then?" she whipped aruond on the spot, her opaque eyes wide with shock. Her intestines chruned painfully and she thought she was about to feel sick at his saddistic smile and whilst he advanced on her to carry on the buisness they had left earlier, she had no intention to. So she did the one thing that came into her mind. She screamed.

Authors Note:

Yeah I know, is it too much for you readers to handle? hope not, heck there is still more to come. I know there were no RyserxFaye scenes :( But don't worry he will come in soon. Uhuh, there is a mysterious 'she' in one of Mark's references, where he tells Faye that she will never be as good as she was. Who was she?

Enjoy the read


The End

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