At just eighteen years of age she could say she was unhappily married and in a very twisted romance. He hated her guts and she could do nothing about it.

Her parent's had insisted she marry him. Mark Richardson. Even though she was against getting married young, and tried to make them reason that she wanted to carry on with her studies and get a good job, they still thought she would be better off if she married this man. He wasn't as bad as he was now, he did his best to charm the young and vulnerable young girl. Her friends all deserted her thinking that she was messed up, but kept regular contact with her younger sister. Ariana. The two had a good relationship between each other even though Ariana was two years younger than her.

He then changed, and changed for the worst, he used to beat her hit her, and use certain methods of saddistic torture on her which she would never get used to. The brute just wanted to break her, but whilst he took his sweet time to utterly humiliate and degradate her, he had never really taken her yet, insisting she was too young to satify his dark desires which she could not really understand either and that before he did anything on her, he would have to train her for that kind of lifestlye.

Things took a turn for the worst when she had a fight with him, they were on the first landing and whilst he rounded up on her to give her another blow, she missed a step and she tumbled down the stairs, rolling down the full landing and didn't move again.

"I told you already you insolent little minx why don't you ever listen to me?" he snarled at her his cold dark eyes flashing dangerously at her, his tall figure looming upon her. "To go and entertain your buisnessmen? Certainly not, I am not a whore, you should send your stupid lovers to entertain them maybe they will even give you a"- that was when her face suddenly snapped to the side. The blow was harder than the others and it scared her, suddenly she wished she was anywhere but there.

"Shut up. Clearly you haven't learn't enough yet, I don't care what you think or say, I might even teach you the harder way and you won't like it, but there has to be a way to eventually break you" he moved towards her, his green eyes greedy with a saddistic hunger. It scared her.

She automatically took a step backwards and missed the step not realising she ended near the stairs and that was the last thing she saw, with a muffled cry she toppled down the stairs, rolling down the whole landing and landing in a heap.

Mark cursed realsing that she wasn't moving. He sure was going to show her who was boss when they got back. Seeing as she did not move a muscle he pulled her roughly in his arms making her whimper, threw her in his car and decided to take her to the hospital emergency and called her family to inform them of their daughters recklessness trying to sound concerned and shocked. 

Four hours later

She moved but her whole body started to stab her with pain, and felt as if she were run down by a car. Adjusting to the surroundings she realised that she was in a room, had a pipe attached to her arm making her slightly queasy. The room was stark white, and she soon realised she was in a bed with the same stark white sheets and to her utter horror she found herself in a hospital gown!

What the hell had just happened?

"Mrs. Richardson you are finally awake" a deep voice sounded to her left. She turned her head and saw a very very very attractive man taking down some notes on a clipboard. He had a white jacket on and a stethoscope around his neck. "What the hell happend?" she asked as she moved to try and get herself in a more comfortable position, though she clutched at the bottom of her chest to her ribs feeling a searing pain shooting through.

"Thank god you are awake Faye!" sceeched someone to her side making her jolt and wince. Her mind was still fuzzy probably from the drugs they gave her?. Her mother hugged her and kissed her forehead and said "You gave us all a fright, Mark thought you would never get up again, he said that you weren't moving after the fall?"

Faye gave her mother a confused look, pushing her redish blonde locks away from her face and she tried to remember what had happened but only had flashes of it.

"I would like to talk to Mrs.Richardson alone please" the doctor suddenly told her mother as she gave him a shocked look telling him that she wanted to stay with her, but he refused it absolutely insisting he wanted to talk to her privately. Faye had totally forgotten about him and she gave him another confused look but her system was imbedded with so many drugs that she did not seem to have enough sense of logic to aruge about it.

After a lost battle her mother, Christine decided to obey and took her other daughter with her outside wondering what on earth was so 'private' that she could not hear.

Once he made sure they were out of the room the most gorgeous and attractive doctor, pulled his chair towards her bed and began, "So Mrs.Richardson, will you please explain to me how you got that bruise on your cheek?" shocked, her hand flew to her cheek and she realised it did feel somewhat a little bit tender to the touch. She then shook her head and said, "One of the servant girls did not realise I was behind the door and smacked the door in my face" she said it in a monotone not looking into his eyes. She was actually lying how did she even have the guts to lie about such a serious thing? He narrowed his eyes at her and added, "I see. It does not seem that"- Faye interrupted him and said, "But it is" he then shook his head at her and went on. "Your husband, has claimed that you were talking when you missed a step and tumbled down the landing. You have a few bruised ribs and took a very bad fall. Falling down the staps of a whole landing is no joke" she nodded then trying to sound not impressed, shocked or anything.

He then got up and sat down on the edge of the bed and she flinched, "Don't..Don't touch me" she told him suddenly not looking at  him she didn't want anyone touching her.. He shook his head and said, "I am not going to do anything to you, calm down" she wasn't convinced though and she just shook her head making sure she didn't look into his eyes or anywhere. "Look just leave me alone..." she begged him suddenly taking a deep breath, her face scunching up in pain, "What's wrong, where does it hurt?" he asked her seeing her in obvious pain. She felt frustrated and pointed to her ribs. "That will keep on hurting for now, I am sorry". He saw that she had a blush covering her pale cheeks and she just gave him a nod of acknowledgement.

This was the first time he met such a case. She wasn't behaving normally for a person who just happend to have an accident. Overall, it was ony his first year into the medical career on his own and he met many cases, but he never really quite encountered such a woman. "I can't" he told her without even realising what he was saying. "What?" she asked her aquamarine eyes widening with shock,she didn't expect this for sure. "I can't" he repeated when she said coldly, "Can't what?" he then shook his head and added on taking a deep breath, "leave you alone".

Yes this was certainly not going on how she expected at all. "Why?" was all she asked. He seemed to think better of it, and giave her the hint of smile when suddenly there was a knock on the door and  a nurse peeked in saying, "Dr.Ryser your presence is requested immediately downstairs there has been an accident" he nodded, "I'll be right there" the nurse nodded and closed the door when he turned his head towards her saying, "It will be fine, if you need anything just send for me alright? I will come and see you later" he finished getting up and making a mental note to hismelf to go back to her later instead of another doctor visisting her. "See you later then, Dr.Ryser is it?" she asked him and he nodded. She watched him get up and leave the room, once he was out her mother and sister came into the room and they asked her what on earth took them so long.

"I don't know" she said making her mother and Ariana exchange worried and confused looks as they sat down around her telling her things. Faye couldn't think clearly but she was clearly amazed at the doctor's actions towards her. He was very attractive the little bit she saw him, he had jet black hair, blue grey almost silver eyes, a pale complexion and was tall, she did not know what other good assets he had, but he certainly looked fine.

Ariana was very worried for her sister, she didn't seem to buy her story either, as she matched it with the version of what Mark had said. Mark was a work but her mother said he would pay a short visit later before going home just to check on her, and that was obviously not a good sign.


"You look distracted Ryser" a voice told him at lunch. It was his friend and collegue, Matthew. "Oh yeah, I have been thinking about a patient of mine I visited earlier today", Matthew gave him a curious look, his friend never mentioned that a patient ever managed to gain his attention when he asked, "Someone in particular?" Ryser nodded and said suddenly, "Her husband says that they were having a talk when she missed a step and fell down the whole landing. She had a burise on her cheek and her claim was that one of the servant girls smacked a door into her face without her knowing she was behind it" Mattew's eyebrow went up, "Well that would seem stange indeed but not impossible I suppose".

Ryser just leaned back in his seat and thought about it for a moment, but he knew the girl was trying to cover up, "Come on, she is only eighteen and married".

Matt laughed then and said, "Come on bro, you're serious?", Ryser glared at him and said in a monotone, "Do I look like I am joking?" at that Matt put on a more serious look to his face trying to sound innocent, he rarely saw his friend caring that much for his patients. "Well eighteen is young for sure, too young actually". Ryser nodded, "Don't you think it is strange how she would abandon her studies and actually agree to get married? Her mother told me that she left her studies and got married to him, and she now works in a bookstore to keep herself active, she did not have friends though, her husband doesn't want her to have friends"

Matt's hazel eyes had an interested expression in them and then he said, "Well, why would you interefere? Sounds pretty messed up to me".

Ryser gave him an angry look and hissed at him, "Maybe it is because you didnt' see her yourself" his friend gave another laugh shrugging, "Of all patients you had this one hit you that much? You really need to be more careful bro, there is what we call doctor/patient relationship and anything beyond that is beyond our code of ethics".

His silver orbs ignited a spark of fury in them and that was when Matt thought he might have gone a little bit too far with his judgement in the matter, "What are you implying?" his rough tone came out then suddenly making Matt's concern increase. He actually never saw him making such a big deal over his patients. Certainly, there were a few who he went out of his way for to make sure they were absolutley alright but this was the first.

"Nothing bro, I am just reminding you that we take oaths that"- "I know what I did! You seem to be implying other things in your dialogue" Ryser was indeed furious and frustrated. He did not know what to do, and if he was going to let himself get emotionally beaten down like this with every case that came up then he was going to be in real trouble. Maybe his friend was right and that he was making a big deal out of nothing.

He stood up and said, "I am going back to work, see you later Matt" his friend smiled at him and said, "Yes. See you bro and take care"


"How are you?" the cold voice reached her ears making her flinch once again. "Much better thank you, but I am still a little bit sore, I was told to spend the night here" Mark's dark eyes flashed with anger as he rougly sat down next to her, "Spend the night? you shall most certianly not. It is about high time you got back home by now" she gave him a sad look and put her hands in her lap trying not to sound hurt at the way he was talking to her, "Well, don't you want to be sure I am alright?" his eyes gave her an angry look and he muttered, "It's your fault you are here Faye so dont' try and play victim"

That hurt. Badly. She did not even know how to act or behave around this man anymore. She did love him before he actually changed and made her life a living hell. Her life was that bookstore and the violence he used to inflict upon her.

"I am not playing victim!" she told him a migrane threatening to break loose. Her husband wasn't supposed to be treating her like this. He didn't look as if he gave a damn about her.

"You are not staying here tonight, I will take you back home with me" she wanted to protest, but figured out that she couldn't, Though before she could say anything at all a voice interrupted, making her head whip towards the door and her breathing hitched up as she saw the handsome man of earlier.

How long had he actually been there? Did he listen in on all the conversation?!

Geez Faye, you are younger than him, get over it! she mentally scolded herself, though that voice came back to annoy her but you cannot deny he is drop dead gorgeous!

"She will stay here tonight" said a cold and steely voice. It wasn't the same voice she had heard when they had talked earlier but she knew it wasn't directed at her so she decided to stay quiet and watch the scene unfold.

"You're joking right? I cannot possibly let her stay here, she will be fine at home doctor" Mark muttered rising from where he was. Dr.Ryser walked in putting down some papers on the table at the end of the bed, still Faye didn't say a word she sensed that she could get into serious trouble if she did. "I am certainly not joking, she took a very serious fall" he went on in the same steely and cold voice.

"She is fine, can't you see she is fine doctor?" he snarled at him, Mark did not want her spending the night alone in hospital around these doctors and such people. He wanted to make sure she was in the confines of her own home away from trouble, and away from her own family if possible.

Dr.Ryser ignored him and walked up to Faye, "It is against my advice, though I sadly have no power to hold you against your own will" he gave her a sad look as if to try and make her take the right desicion. "I..."- then Mark interrupted and said in what was supposed to be an elated voice, "Aha.See? He cannot keep you against your own will, tell him you want to come back home" his gaze held anger and fury inside and something that looked like lust. She shivered.

"I think she is perfectly able to make the choice on her own, how are you even feeling?" Dr.Ryser asked her seeing her slightly turn a little bit paler than she originally was, she was tired, and she needed rest but again he had no right to hold her aginst her own will. "I am ok" was all she said and cut it short when he felt her forehead, "I will be fine" she said trying to flit his hands away from her but he insisted on making a good checkup on her before leaving.


It was usless. She lost her battle and eventually had the papers to go back home with that devil. She was anything but happy. Her family once informed had said that they would go and check on her. Dr.Ryser gave her a set of instructions to obey as she was not fully recovered yet and that her ribs might hurt more often that she thought, but if she obeyed his instructions she was suppsoed to be fine.

Faye noticed that he was tense and edgy before they left, and Mark couldn't care in the least. He just wanted her out of that wretched place, to probably abuse her further.

Before they left the hospital she gave one last look and saw the doctor that had taken care of her in the door of the hospital. She gave him a small nod and then she was gone.

That was it. She was gone from under his sight, he could do nothing to protect her from then on she was out there on her own. This was getting complicated, why was he so interested in keeping her safe from whatever was scaring her? He saw her husband he seemed controlling and always wanted everything as he said it, his eyes held a dangerous note to them that he did not like at all.

Matt saw him in the door and he gave his friend a concerned gaze, "Mate, what is wrong you look so tired", "She left" he said simply. "What? I thought she wasn't fully recovered yet?!, why did you let her?!" Ryser shook his head and stated, "It was complicating things, I gave her a set of instructions to do, and told her to come back for a checkup in two weeks time or so, and saw that she was at least able to manage more or less" Matt patted his shoulder hearing the tension his friends voice.

"So that's it now, you won't see her agian, you had better given yourself a break mate". Ryser nodded but he was still wondering if he could actually go and check up on her himself in the upcoming days. Maybe if he was nice enough, her mother would tell him where on earth she was in that damned counrty. "I think I will see her again" he said slowly as he went back in with his friend who gave him a very shocked expression.

Authors Note:

There you go, that is supposedly the first part to that story. I hope you like it ;)


The End

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