I feel so comfortable right now, wrapped up in warmth and cuddled with blankets. I don't even want to move, I just... All my limbs feel so drained of strength, so lazy and tingly. Vaguely, I wonder how long I've been asleep. There's a little nagging in the back of my mind, saying I really should wake up now because my internal clock is all out of sorts with this sudden nap...but I don't pay it any attention. I feel way too good right now--so good this should be illegal. I take in a deep breath, and shiver slightly when I catch scent of something like black coffee and leather.

"Figures he'd fall asleep on you," A snigger. "Here, let's go put him in his room. Try not to jostle him."

"I'm not gonna drop him or anything," Comes a soft grunt.

Am I dreaming about Dante and Hailey...? That's kind of awkward...well, it could be worse, I guess...

"Just lie him down there. He'll find the pillows."

Weird...okay, why am I floating? This doesn't make sense...

"Yeah, well, while I'm getting him settled, go make yourself useful and wash the dishes."

"No way! That's what the dishwasher is for."

Flinching at the screech, I nuzzle closer into my bed--wait, is that an arm...? I lean back, opening my eyes to peer curiously at my pillow. My pillows don't come in humanoid forms...

"Yes, that's my arm," An amused drawl. In the back of my mind, I can already see the easy tilt of a white-blonde head and a upturned smirk. "You seem to be quite content there." Woah...Dante's voice... I lift a hand to touch the pale cheek, blinking away the remnants of sleep clouding my vision, and my gaze locks on the slate grey one staring back at me, incredulous.

It takes a moment to click that the cheek under my fingers is actually real.

"Oh goodness I am so sorry what just happened and why are you carrying me?!" The squeak tears from my throat so fast I blanch, my arms sliding around Dante's neck.

A split second of something I've never seen on his face shows, and then is gone with the tiny smile he gives me. "It's okay, I've got you. You fell asleep after the movie, so Haylie and I figured we'd put you in your room." He turns, and I blink in surprise, realizing now that we're in my room.

My room that hasn't been dusted or cleaned since Haylie's last ravage through my house.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," I cover my face, rapidly heating up, with my hands, leaning into Dante's shoulder so I don't tilt over and fall. "I didn't even do my bed or put away my pajamas..." I mumble to myself, utterly disappointed. I mean, for crying out loud I had the whole day to clean but I spent it fretting over what to make and what we were going to watch for sure and now...

"Are you okay? Your face is really red..." He looks at me, worry on his face, the back of his hand brushing my forehead to check my temperature. I blink at him, drinking in the arch of his brows and concentrated eyes. This is the first time I've seen this expression on him...but then it's gone, with a shrill shriek--vaguely excited in pitch--from the door.

"Are you jumping him now, Dante?! You have to take him on more dates before you can do that, y'know!" Haylie barks from the hallway.

"Woman, I'm not jumping anything! Shut your damn mouth!" Dante retorts, his arms tightening around me.

The sharp squeak! that pulls us apart has us both looking at each other in a stunned silence. Then, with a slow, easy smile, Dante throws me to my bed, landing on top of me and the next thing I know, it's hard to breathe between laughter and the hands skittering down my sides.

"Ah--! Dante--D-Dante, stop!" I sputter, wheezing between laughs.

"Damn it, I thought you said you weren't jumping him!" Haylie leaps onto my bed, knocking Dante off of me and collapsing across my abdomen, preventing me from regaining my breath. "You don't have permission to jump his bones!"

Dante slides down to me, easily shoving Haylie to lie on her back on my other side. I gasp for air, panting between their jabs at each other. "Shut up, Haylie. I'm not putting up with your shit. And don't crush Caleb like that."

"Says the one who was straddling him not even a few seconds ago." She sticks her tongue out at him, flipping the bird over my head. I can tell because Dante growls--that deep, rumbling snarl in his throat. It's not quite animalistic,'s not exactly human either.

"I wasn't trying to make him into a pancake, you know," He snaps.

I really wonder how they can do this... I think to myself while Haylie retorts something over me, I wouldn't be able to be so mean to someone...not even Haylie after she eats all my food or leaves my closet a wreck...

"Guys," I interrupt them when Dante makes a face and opens his mouth to respond. "I'm really tired. Can we all just nap for a little bit? Please?" I wrap my arms around the both of them, too sleepy to be hesitant. "Let's just...relax..." The yawn slips from me slowly, as Dante shifts closer and Haylie snuggles under my arm.

"Caleb, you're so soft," she sighs, "Like a pillow."

I tilt my head, running into Dante's shoulder, and laugh quietly. "Dante's all muscle over here," I mumble, closing my eyes.

"Both of you are weird," He grumbles in return, an arm snaking around my waist--but there's something in his voice that tells me he doesn't mean it in a rude's more of...he's accepted the way we are, and how we treat him.

Or maybe it's just my sleep-addled brain.

The End

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