The day went smoothly for a good hour and fifty two minutes. Haylie was annoying, her ex-friends were glaring, York was teaching as usual. Then I walked out of Remedial History and it went down the drain from there. Really, this just goes to show how stupid people can get with the right pair of fluttering eyelashes. I should've just left it at the "no" and dropped him on his ass. It isn't as if the little nerd means anything to me.
But damn those cerulean eyes and that trust.

That's why I'm here, now, lurking in the hallway, my back to the wall, glowering after Kevin and his toadies. That's why I'm here, now, giving a flying fuck and trying not to about what that douchebag is saying. That's why whatever feeling has taken a habitat in my chest since that first day has suddenly lit on fire, ripping itself apart.

"I saw them kiss, you know." He isn't facing me, but I can hear that shit eating grin in his voice, because he knows I'm listening. "She gave him a ride here, and kissed him like there was no one around. I guess the nerd has some tastes, going after Haylie. She is pretty hot." I don't miss the way he casts a sharktoothed sneer over his shoulder at me, our eyes locking onto each others. There's something in his expression, something I've seen before, something that I can't read.

All I know is I don't like hearing this, for some reason. It's setting off all kinds of strange emotions inside of me, and fuck that if this is what's going to happen. I don't need Brighe to happen all over again. I won't let it happen again. The deals done though, and I'm nothing if not a man of my word. Today's the day we meet up. I'll just have to stick it through. I'll drive them off, for good. It's not my fault they couldn't leave me well enough alone.

Fuck Vesci and his 'lonely' speech.

It's not like any of them mean anything to me.

Since Remedial is my only class today, I force my feet to pick up the pace, flipping my middle finger at the group of jocks, the ride home a blur mixed with too much thinking (minus crashing this time) and not enough ignoring. When I get to the shed to put my motorcycle away, the kids are there, only instead of getting wasted and drugging themselves up, they're huddled in a circle, shouting angrily at one boy, someone going so far as to shove him into the wall.

"Hey," I snarl, and it goes quiet, every pair of eyes turning to gape at me. Even as I'm talking, I tell myself it's because I don't feel like putting up with this group of stupid kids today. "Quit your fucking shit."

There's silence, and then, slowly, the group disperses, until the boy who'd been shouted at is left behind, rubbing his chest where he was pushed. He dips his head at me as I put the carp over my motorbike. "Thank you," He murmurs, and I notice the blood staining his lips, and the swelling of his right eye. He must've gotten punched in the face a few times.

I narrow my eyes at him, taking in his disheveled appearance. "Don't let them treat you like that." I say simply.

Back in my apartment, I change into a regular white muscle shirt, some loose-fitting jeans, and my running shoes. I haven't gone free-running since this semester started, but now's a good time as any to pick up old habits. For the past two summers, I've been free-running and working, determined to not think on the night I ruined my life. If it worked then, it'll work now. I have... I glance at the time on my cell before I drop it on the kitchen counter. About three hours. I'll run around the complex, come back and take a shower.

But one thing leads to another, and after leaping off buildings, staircases, rolling off the ground and catching my feet, I just can't get enough. Never mind the stares and the gawking from random people who shouldn't be near the best areas to dive from. This is my outlet, aside from singing, and I'm going to keep doing it. While singing helps, running has always made me feel free.

Heh, see what I did there?


The sun starts making its way down the sky, and suddenly I remember having to meet up with Caleb and that woman. My sprint turns into jogging which then turns into a slow walk, and I eventually stop. I'm tempted to keep running, to just get away from the confusing emotions and little nerds and pink haired flirts...but I can't go back on my word. What would I have left, then? Forget for a moment that I'm already past redemption. Even a monster has limits, right? I don't miss this chance to climb up the stairs from the outside, skirting along the edges of the rails, and jump into my hallway, scaring the screams out of a couple trying to get it on in a corner. I don't pay them any mind. Why they couldn't get into a private place before doing private things is beyond me. I let myself in, pulling off my clothes as I lock the door again behind me, practically speedshowering to still have time to get dressed decently.

Just as I walk out of the bathroom, my phone buzzes on the counter, so much it falls from the edge, clattering to the tiled kitchen floor.

I stare at it, then walk into my room, shoving the wrenching feeling in my chest back down to my gut. If it won't disappear on its own, I'll make sure it never comes back. I won't put up with this shit anymore. Haylie and Caleb can just fuck off. I shrug into a dark grey button-up, sliding on some black jeans. After tonight, they'll realize their mistakes. I've already seen mine in reaching out to the nerd.

In the living room, I tug on my boots, pulling my belt through the loops in my pants. With a small sigh, I go into the kitchen and scoop my phone off the floor, checking the text from an unknown number.

Hey, it's Caleb.
We're meeting up at the Seafood restaurant on...

I frown. Fuck. I hate seafood.

The End

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