"But maybe," He goes on, wiping his forehead with the back of his wrist, "tomorrow would be good? I'm working late tonight," Dante explains. He looks...amused about something.

I bite the inside of my lip, and give a nod. "Oh, um, yeah, tomorrow's good." And then college decides to burst into my thoughts. "Ah, wait, I've got three classes tomorrow...I won't get out until five."

"Seven, then. You still have my number, right?" There's that ghost of a smile on his lips. My heart stutters almost as bad as my mouth has been the last ten minutes. I nod again, not trusting my voice. "Just send me a text beforehand with the name of the restaurant and the street. I'll be there." And then he looks over my shoulder at Haylie, still pseudo-talking on the phone. "You said she'll be there, too?"

Glancing back at her, I hum a confirmation. "She'd come along even if I told her not to." I reply, half jokingly.

"That's Haylie." Dante frowns, the corner of his mouth twitching. He must really not like her... Maybe I should convince her to stay behind...? But she'd never get over being left out... Then again, she did say he stuck up for her once. People who can't stand each other don't do that...right? Why help someone you hate?

"I'll let you get back to work," I say after a moment, smiling at him, my cheeks still warm. His gaze was borderline intense as he was looking me over. I don't know if I'll get over that anytime soon, because Dante's eyes on me, studying me like a textbook... "I don't want to waste your time. Your boss looks like he wants me to leave, too." I lower my voice, my eyes darting to the dark haired man watching us from the hallway. With his sleek outfit and clean clothes, he stands out like a sore thumb against Dante's oil-stained jeans and soot covered shirt. Strangely, Dante manages to be stay attractive, even with a smudge of dirt on his face. I kill that thought process before I say something stupid. Instead, I wave my fingers at him. "Have a nice day, Dante."

He tilts his head in that familiar way of his, the side of his lips quirking into a tiny smile. "I'll see you later, Caleb. Tomorrow. Don't forget to text me."

How would I forget to text you? I refrain from squealing. That wouldn't be attractive.

"I'll see you then." Vaguely, I wonder if it's possible to get sore facial muscles from grinning too much--but I can't hide the smile. Even with Dante's boss practically staring me down. Especially with Dante's eyes on me.

Haylie seizes my arm and drags me out of the shop, snapping her phone shut and tucking it into her pocket once we're out of sight. "Well?" She demands, "How'd it go?"

"He said yes," I laugh, "Haylie, he said yes!"

And then she squeals, hugging me so tightly I swear I hear my back crack a few vertebrae. "Oh, Callie! That's so great!" She squeezes me into her chest, suffocating me with her breasts. I squeak indignantly, wriggling in her grasp. "I'm so happy for you! We just have to celebrate! Let's go watch a movie! The one with the singing and the acapella and the breakfast!"

I squirm, "Uhm, I'd love to, but I've got homework to turn in and I've still got two classes to attend to and you're crushing my ribs Haylie I can't breathe!"

"Oh! Sorry," She pulls back, still holding my shoulders. "I'm serious though, we need to celebrate, Caleb. This was your first time, and Dante said yes!" The look on her face is completely serious, though her blue eyes twinkle with joy.

"Yogurt parfait at my place. We can watch the movie there, if it isn't longer than two hours." I rub my cheek where she pressed it into her cleavage. "If you could drop me off at school, that'd be appreciated. Are you going to come, too?"

Her pink hair flies with her adamant refusal. "Nope. I'm gonna go shopping. There's a sale going on at one of my favorite stores--plus, I might as well look for things that'll suit you, too. Just tell Professor Vesci I said thanks for helping us get a hold of Dante." She grins again, wiggling her eyebrows. "I know he's going to be excited when he hears about this. I'm pretty sure he was throwing hints at Dante about you when that badboy went to see him. No, in fact, I'm pretty sure you're all they talked about." She adds while we walk over to her car and unlocking it.

Before climbing in, I suck in a breath, looking up at the sky. Haylie's driving...gets reckless when she's happy and chipper.

And just my luck to have made her happy and chipper.

I slide in the passenger's side, clicking my seatbelt into place. "Please get us there in one piece," I give her a pleading look. Her grin widens in response with the flick of the key in the cars ignition. "I'd like to live to see another day, Haylie." I really should have waited to tell her until we got somewhere that didn't include driving...

"Or at least until you see Dante tomorrow," She smugly points out. "Okay, okay, I'll drive decently." She pouts at my pointed stare. "Just this once, for you and Dante."

'Decently' turns out to mean 'calm enough to get by cops unnoticed, but reckless enough to have you grabbing onto the seat like it's your lifeline'.

We park in the student lot, and she slips out of the Lamborghini with me, embracing me again. "Have a nice day," She chirps, pecking me on the cheek sweetly, like she didn't just give me the worst scare of my nineteen years.

Rivaling that, is turning and seeing Kevin and his friend staring at us like we're the next best thing to Cheetos and green tea.

It just gives me a bad feeling...

The End

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