I could tell you that it was a dark and stormy night…I could tell you that the streets were empty, people hiding behind locked doors from fear of the ever-present unknown…I could go into gory details and start talking about cold winters of silence and streets filled with death. I could…but I’d be lying.

It was a sunny Saturday morning. The sun was warm but there was a cool breeze and the streets were filled with the usual throng of the law-abiding public going about their business… hunting for bargain bikinis, buckets and spades. This, of course, is just as clichéd but what the heck? It’s my story and I’ll tell it how I like.

It was a morning like any other, a morning of complete normality. You ask me, normality’s just a nicer way of saying ‘monotony’. I sat in my car with the windows down, an unlit cigarette behind my ear…I’d left it there to remind me not to put it in my mouth. I enjoy smoking but my girlfriend had quit and expected me to follow suit. I enjoy a lot of things, but none of them were happening at that precise moment in time. I had the radio on quietly to keep my nerves down and my mind off the gun to the back of my head. The latter revelation was a new development in my recent history…I had heard the gun wielder say something about taking the keys out of the ignition and sliding over into the passenger seat but I had yet to follow his wishes. I grabbed the wrist at the other end of the gun, gave it a quick twist and heard the slightly sickly but extremely satisfying crunch of bone breaking. I noticed that the screaming voice was male…so I had a gunman in my car? Big deal. I kept hold of the gun and turned around to deliver the fatal bullet into his chest before getting out of my car and opening the door to let the body fall out. Slightly undemocratic that a gunman threatens ME and then I have to get up to let him out of the car…still…can’t be helped. I got back in my car and adjusted my mirror…huge god damn blood-stain on my back seat…wonderful…the day gets better and better.

I heard the screams and the sirens coming from the street…pity the gun wasn’t silenced. I started  the car and pulled away from the scene of the crime.
The End

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