As he ran down the small enclosed passageway his squad following up behind him he turned a corner he saw an open door sunlight pouring in.


As he leaped through the open doorway expecting to find a swarm of enemy soldiers he lept behind the nearst cover an old SUV clearly under repair. As he held his breath he leaped across the hood of the SUV his hands clutching his pistol. He landed on the cold floor covered in a water like substance and there was not an enemy in site.

 "Ha, scared 'em off"

As he took a closer look at the liquid he saw a red light flashing from under the SUV. This wasn't water-this was petrol. The car was rigged to blow.

"Shit! Guys get away from the car!"

Just  as he spoke one of his allies opened the car door and turned the ignition.

As the bomb started to flash violently he leaped behind a set of barrels, he heard the SUV explode. Turned. He saw a trail of the petrol leading to his squadron.

He could do nothing but watch as the blaze ignited his squad there Armour began to melt the squad leader slowly began to walk to wards him but it was to late just as he got half way his eyes closed.He was dead be for he hit the floor.

The End

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