my escapeMature

I wait and wait i hear a banging noise outside the room a man walked in wearing highly detailed body Armour he urges me out of the room and sends me down a corridor covered in blood  lined up along the sides of the corridor where several body's all covered in blood an aroma lingers a smell of smoke.

Me and the man enter a hall hen tells me to grab a gun and points at a crate i open it up and find a desert eagle pistol. A door the other side of the room opens and a solder hovers out from it the man shouts at a man holding a pair of goggles with red-x written on the side "Run a check is he OK" the man shakes his head and shouts "FIRE we got  multiple enemy's around him I'll spike there camo wait for it" suddenly a whole group of men appeared one holding the solder i ran to one of the many pilers in the room and shot for my life. As i shot my last bullet from my mag one of the enemy soldiers grabbed me around my neck and stuck a gun to my back "you scream i shoot" the man said in a dark tone of voice. he walked me out into the middle of the room all his team were dead and so where half of mine he shout's at my team "ALL OF YOU GUNS DOWN OR I WI..."  The man stopped and looked to his left a man dressed in bright blue clothes held a gun to his head "hello mate" he shot him down i ran to my team a solder saluted to me and said "Man you are one lucky son of a bitch"

The End

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