pay backMature

He looked down at the woman who had saved his life now bleeding to death.

"Jake we need to move I know someone a few hours away he might be able to help her but we have to move now". Said Shelford still in shock from the ambush.

They both looked at Rissa and at the pool of blood which was begining to build. Jake nodded as he lifted her in his arms and began to walk to the car. Shelford opened the back door and Jake layed her across the back seats her body limp and allmost lifeless.

The drive was long as the sky began to darken the temprature began to drop. "How much longer" Jake said drearaly.

Where here.

Shelford left the S.U.V and as did Jake opening the back door to get Clarissa from the seat He held her close as they walked to a tall building.

Shelford knocked and enterd, Jake followed behind him. They entered what seemed to be a ball room. A man walked down from a spiral stair case wearing a labcoat covered in blood splats.

"Daniel. I havent seen you in years."

"That long allready?" he said jokingly. He turned to Jake.

"This jake this is my father Dr Shelford."

The End

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