As they made there way down the dusty mountain trail Shelford let of the ocasional whimper due to the death of O'Conner.

They arived at the destonation. A small town with a couple hundread of buildings.

"So this is it? This is your safe house".

Shelford just ignored the sarcastic remark and began to walk to the door. He slowly opened it to see the lock had been busted off and the room was a mess.

"They knew we where coming."

Jake walked to shelford And layed a hand on his sholdier. He wispered into his ear.

"Look along the rooftops. There still here."

As he said that he heard the fireing from a sniper he turned and saw the small projectile comeing towards him. He held his breath waiting for the end. A few seconds and he was still standing.

He opened his closed eyes but he saw nothing he looked around and still he saw nothing he heard a sound from the ground infront of him. He looked down to find the girl who had previously left the team.

"Rissa why, why do this i was ready to go."

The End

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