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Three hours later.

"So were not going after that girl Shelford?."

"No Jake are objective was to deliver you not to babysit."

All Jake could think about was what she had said 'Jake please try to remember its me it's Rissa.' Again and again runing through his head. He recognised her but he couldnt work out were from.

"Shelford you said im the one she talks about what do you mean."

"Yeah ever since we got this assissgnment its all she can think about."

The car fell silent for a short time Shelford pulled over next to an old super market with bordered up windows and doors.

"Well here we are Jake O'conner will escort you inside i will follo shortly."

O'conner leaped off of the roof and landed next to Jake.

"Come on I'l show you around."

He walked up to the door and entered a combanation into the tiny computer screen.

A few seconds later the boarded up doors opened to reveal one big room full of computers and flashing lights. Many of the computers where damaged and many where taken apart.

"What is this." Jake pointed to the big screen right at the end of the room.

"That Jake is Huckle. Huckle is are super compute."

Jake looked around and realised all the computers where wired to this screen.

"Yes jake they power him. HUCKLE ON." He shouted.

Sudenly the screen lit up a some what simulated face apeared.

"Welcome to Huckle 4000 how are you Mister O'conner."

"Im vary well Huckle we have obtained the target."

Jake was blown away by this "self intelegence".

"Step forword Jake." Huckle demanded.

Jake did as told.

"Hmm yes he seems to be the one. Thank you Mister O'conner."

"Well sir you are wel....."

As he answered a beam of light surounded Jake.

"Well Mister O'conner shouldnt you be leaving?"

"Wha... What are you doing to him?"

"I am compleating the objective for if he is to realise who he is well that would be vary bad for me..."

"Your..... Your not going to kill him are you?"

"O'conner you must understand this is for the greator good."

"No we may be law breakers but we are not murderers." He reached for his side arm and aimed it at Huckle.

"What are you going to do shoot me I controle you you have done as i have said You retreaved the boy You didnt get distracted or side tracked You are done."

"You.... You could tell how Rissa would react couldnt you. You just wanted to make us fewer in numbers. Well not any more." He fired one shot at the main power lead causing Huckle to go into overload "JAKE RUN."

They both made there way to the door as they began to close O'conner pulled out his katana and threw it at the door jaming the mechanism. Jake leaped through the door as he did he heard the door slam. O'cpnner was still inside.

"Jake what the hell hapened?" Jake slid across the bonet and into the open door.


"What... Wheres O'conner."

As he said that Jake pushed down on the exelarator causing them to rapidly speed down the road. A couple of seconds after the stoor exploaded.


Shelford's head fell into his arms. He lunged at Jake grabing him by the throught.


"Nothing i swear its that computer he want crazy."

As Jake ran through the story Shelford redused his grip.

"S**t man they just dont get beter then O'Conner. Loyal, Brave."

"Shelford we need to concentrate on whats important. Im sure Huckle had more teams then just us working for him we need to keep moving."

Shelford whiped his tears and noded.

"Ok lets go i have a friend a few hours away."

Jake noded.

"Ok lets go."

The End

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