Every rose has its thornMature

About a mile down the road Shelford stoped. Jake turned to him.

"where is the car?"

Shelford looked at jake winked pulled out a remote and at the click of a buton there it was.

"Wow i got to get me one of these."

Shelford chuckled to himself. They loaded all the the gear on to the 4x4.  Jake realised there was one case left out.

"Hay Shelford why you leaving that one."

"Were not, open it up."

Jake opened the case to find a 50-cal turret.

"now mount that up there on the roof. O'conner get on it Jake you ride shotgun, Im driving."

They set out on the road. half an our of silence later.

"So what happened with that Rissa girl?." Jake asked.

"I dont know she keeps to herself mostly."

"Thats prity lonly."

As he said that an enemy SUV flew over a a ledge right behind the three men.

"SHIT O'conner get them bastards, Jake hold on."

Jake looked into the mirror to see the car with all the members inside wearing masks some with skulls some with zombies.

"Shelford why do they wear masks?"

"LOOK CLOSSER!" He said narowly avoiding a ledge on the cliff.

Jake looked again to see they wernt masks they where for real.

"What the fuck happened to them!" He demanded

"Part of there culture they burn the skin with acid, and the skulls yeah there bodys."

After taking all exepte the driver O'conner leaped from the roof and onto the hood of the SUV he punched through the windscreen and smashed the freaks face into the wheel breaking his skull. He leaped back onto the roof  grabed a ganade and threw it to the car to finaly make sure they were dead.

The End

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