The rosesMature

After a well deserved sleep and some breakfast they packed up all their gear.

"Hay you never actually told us your name". Rissa said in a vary curious tone.

"It's Jake Bargewell I think..... That what my tags say anyway"

She nodded as she put the final bag on her back.

"Ok team are ride is a quarter mile east if we move now we can avoid any unneeded contact between us and the enemy." Said Shelford.

"Um if you don’t mind me asking, who are the enemy?"

Rissa turned to him.

"You realy don’t remember do you....... look at me Jake don’t you recognise me"

Shelford turned to his right and gave her a menacing glare.

"This is him the one you’re always talking about."

"Jake please try to remember its me it's Rissa."

"WOW WOW who the hell are you I haven’t even known you for a day."

A single tear rivered down Rissa's cheek. She ran down the hill out of sight.

O’Conner gazed at Shelford.

"What the hell was all that about? You want me to fetch her?

"No it will only compromise the mission. Our objective is to get him to safety"

"Fine sir......"

Jake stood there so many thoughts racing in his mind who was she, why was she acting in such a way.

Shelford began making his way to the Evac transport.

"You guys coming we need to get back to the rose base A.S.A.P"

"The roses?" Jake asked.

"Yes are organisation we are a rebellion against the threat of the super natural now let’s go." Shelford said clearly getting tired of explaining.

The End

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