O'connor, Shelford and GreenMature

As he walked through the deserted facility all he could think about was what he had just witnessed, the people who thought for his life all dead in an instant.

He kept walking thinking to himself.

"Why me, why save me?"

After half an hour he stopped at a large door, he opened it an snuck in trying to make as little sound as possible, he didn't know weather he was alone or not.

As he made his way around the room he heard crying almost like a young girl, he walked around trying to find the source of the crying.

As he turned a corner he found it a little girl weeping in the corner of the room.

As he reached his hand over to place on her shoulder he herd someone jumping down from behind him, be for he had time to react he was restrained and had a blade at his throat.

The girl rose up from the ground and turned around, her face was pail with black lipstick her hair long black with red highlights.

She pulled out a black revolver with red ribbon hanging limp from the grip of the powerful side arm. She held it to the side of his head.

"Give me one reason not to blow your freaking head off?" she said aggressively.

He stayed silent staring into her cold eyes. After a couple of minuets she withdrew the weapon and the man holding the blade at his throat kicked him to the ground.

The blade handler stood in front of him dressed in black also pail like the woman, he whore a mask to cover the majority of his face, the two men locked eyes eventual he removed him mask.

The woman walked to wards the captive.

"You, where did you get that" She said curiously why pointing at his chest.

He had been so preoccupied with the fight he hadn't realized he had dog tags around his neck. The woman approached him and studied them for a few seconds. Her eyes widened.

"Your.... your the escape but how we were only just told of your location how did you escape?"

He rose up from the ground.

"I... i was busted out by some military people"

The woman stepped back and whispered to her accomplice.

"OK we need to get you out of here, whats your name?"

"I urm..... i dint know i dint remember anything be for being locked up"

"Shit they wiped him clean"

She pointed at the pale man.

"O'conner get the gear tell Shelford where setting up base here for a while"

He nodded and sprinted at an abnormal speed to the door.

The woman offered him a drink.

"I am so sorry for the misunderstanding please let me explain. We where told you where here by one of are spy's working undercover in the U.S military turns out we went quick enough the U.S army beat us to you  but you..... you killed them all?"

"wow wow befor i answer anything who the hell are you?"

"Ow im sorry how rude of me my name is Green, Rissa Green the man who you have allready had the pleasure of meeting is O'conner DO NOT under any surcemstances mess with him he is a vary trusty allie but his temper is short. And the man who you are about to meat is the leader of are rebelion Daniel Shelford he is number one on the U.S top 10 his stealth skills make him practicly invisible and god when he gets a sniper not a thing can stand in his way."

"Ok so why were you sent to save me?"

"We do not know all we were told is that you were vital to are rebelion and well right now we need all we can get so, now what happened?"

They spent an hour disgusing what had hapened then O'conner and Shelford walked in with huge bags on there backs.

"Green O'conner set up camp we gota long day ahead........"

The End

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