Two Birds, One StoneMature

When I got to the wrath district I sat beside Jet, but he seemed to be taking forever. “Jet, Jet. Wake up.”

"No," he grumbled, his voice not coming from any direction in particular. The only thing of Jet left was a black mist floating around.

"Do you want to kill the brat, or not?"

“Mmm... Later, I'm really comfy."

"It's now or never you lazy son of a bitch." I growled, waving my hands in the air irritably, batting at the mist.

“My mother wasn't a bitch, thank you. She was simply sub-human."

"She was a bitch and you're a lazy fucker." I stated coolly.

"Now, now, Lils, no need to be spiteful, that’s my job."

"Well you're acting more like sloth. I don't want to sit around and be killed; at the very least I want to go screwing someone as my sin dictates. But not the point, now gather your lazy ass together."

"Fucking hell, the day I start taking orders from a four hundred year old lust demon is the day I deserve to die," he snapped.

"Fine, don't, I'll kill her." I shrugged, readying my gun.

The gun flew out of my hand as Jet formed a glamour. Today, he had bed hair and a sleepy scowl on his face, his eyes an angry red. "Whaddya need this for. Fuckin' wuss," he tossed it aside. "Long range weaponry is for the weak."

I summoned it back to my hand. "It's not just long range." I growled, using the barrel to hit him round the head with it. He growled at me wordlessly, his eyes flashing dangerously. "What're you gonna do?" I challenged, I was in the mood to start a fight, fuck it, I was building up to it, all day.

With a slap around the face and a quick shove, he threw me to the floor, holding me down with one foot. "Did they never teach you to respect your elders?"

"Nope, never old man," I snarled.

"Urgh, fuck you, I'm going back to sleep." He said, letting his glamour dissolve again.

I laughed, "You wish you could." C’mon Jet, c’mon! I need at least some Lust energy from you.

"I already have. I can see why you're not the head Lust demon."

"I bet you can't now." I challenged.

"Sure, so are you planning on sitting there annoying the fuck out of me for much longer?"

"As long as it takes," I grinned. Christ Jet, all I want is a little Lust energy what the hell will it take? He reformed his lust glamour and I said nothing. I tried to challenge him, dare him, I used wit and still nothing. You know what I might just challenge her anyway. I don’t have time to fucking wait.

"What d'ya wants from me, huh? The ten year old can wait, can't she? I'm tired and for the first time in centuries, I'm not in the mood."

"Not really, Lucifer is out there possibly missing, there's this ten year old lording it over all the other vanity demons and other demons are too scared to go onto Earth because of angels. Fucking angels, but no, everything can wait because of you my liege."

"And just in time, too. Why would I wanna live any longer with obnoxious little pests like you and Jen running around, eh?"

I froze, my gun automatically floating to aim at him. "What?"

"You heard me. You’re too young to be ordering others around. Being a part of the thirteen does not make you automatically better than everyone else, like it or not Lils, but that is something that you undeniably have in common with that brat. Neither of you realise that yet."

That was when I walked in, "Hey Jet, you up?" I looked between Jet and the other ‘me,’ "Wait, who the fuck is you?" I realise this may be confusing, but bare with me. She was me; she had my powers... the power of mirrors, one of the most powerful powers of the thirteen. That was why we were screwed with a kid taking Juliette’s place. The power of mirrors needs to belong to someone trustworthy.

He looked between the two of us and shook his head. "No."

"Damn it Jen, drop my glamour!" I shouted, only the power of mirrors. "Fucking drop it!" I snarled and sure enough, the little kid became herself.

Jet bared his teeth in a wordless growl as he grabbed the kid's hair. "I'm not in the mood for your fucking around, ya little bitch," he yelled in her ear, his chain wrapping around her throat.

"You seriously thought that brat was me? Thanks." I growled, shaking my head I drew my gun, pointed it at her head and pulled the trigger, "finish her Jet."

"With pleasure," he muttered, dropping his glamour and engulfing her in a thick black fog. When he reformed, there was nothing left of her. "She caught me asleep. I wasn't really paying attention."

"Thanks Jet." I sniffled, pretending to be upset. "I was walking, I didn't want to spike you with your chain. Also, I would never wake you up. Nor would I give you orders. But thanks."

"Yeah, sorry."

"It's fine, you know I love you really." I laughed, giving him a mock hug.

He chuckled, returning the mock hug. "Yeah, sure."

"Now I have to go back to the vanity district and tell Dune."

"You got Dune involved?"

"She's taking over from this kid."

"Oh, man." He muttered, not looking what you would call happy about this.

"She's better than Jen and head Vanity demon. Why?"

"We're not friends. Let's just leave it at that."

"Sure, one last thing."


"If I wanted to screw you, all I'd have to do was ask, right?"

"Pretty much, why?"

"Just wondering, I knew what the kid wanted." I smiled, "just wondered if I had to try that hard."

"Sounds like a plan. Screwing me, I mean, not telling me what you want."

"What, you want to...?" His eyes flickered playfully, returning to their normal green as he winked."Jet... I thought you were tired." I laughed.

"I was. I'm awake now." I pulled him toward me for a kiss, quite like the one when we were at the thirteen joining. He kissed back fiercely, his hand already between my legs.

"You move quickly," I laughed, clicking my fingers so my dress disappeared

"So do you," he grinned, his own clothes dissolving.

"No point in messing around." I smiled, my hands mirroring his as they strayed between his legs. "Now show me what you got." Jet grinned and pushed me down to the floor. Following me down, he tugged me onto all fours and pushed into me hungrily. “What happened to your Wrath?" I whispered.

"Am I not part Lust demon too, now?"

"Yes, but I miss your Wrath part of Lust." I moaned. His hand moved from my chest to my throat, pulling my head back slightly as he growled at me, the movement reminded me of Lucifer and my mind flashed to him for a minute. I moaned in approval as he moved, “Oh Jet...” I gasped. I wasn’t actually out of breath, but it added to the atmosphere.

"Shut up," he snarled, slapping me with his free hand.

"Mmm," I moaned, moving faster with him.

"Yeah," he groaned, pushing deeper as I moved faster.

"Uh, yeah," I groaned, moving back toward his body, "Oh... Jet, I don't think..." I muttered as I began to tremble, the one problem of being a Lust demon, if you let yourself go too much, your humanity takes over. I just let that happen. "That's it, c'mon," he encouraged as the shudders ran through me. I nodded as best I could as he held my head; I still had just enough strength to stay on all fours though, even after I had finished.  He groaned again, wordlessly as he pulsed within me, coming to his climax.

"Thanks for the energy." I grinned, moving from him, onto my back, looking up at him.

"I could say the same to you," he winked, sitting down beside me.

"Heh, I missed that." I smiled widely. He grinned, but said nothing so I kissed him hotly and swiftly and he kissed me back. I licked my lips slightly, "I really don't want to go."

"Ah but you have to go find Miss Queen of the Nile and tell her we killed Jen," he smiled bitterly.

"Mmm and I don't want to go." I moaned, sitting up, cleaning myself off and clothing myself with the click of a finger.

"They're gonna notice that she's gone soon and they'll come looking."

"Good point." I sighed, kissing him once more as I rose to my feet.

"You're welcome to come back, though," he smiled, not getting up.

"Oh, I will be back." I grinned, waving as I walked away from him. He lifted a hand in response before lying down. I only knew that because I glanced round to him. Heh, that was fun.

The End

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