Right, it was a long shot, but I think he was lying. I mean, come on, we’re talking about Vanity demons! Any Vanity demon would love to be in the thirteen, even with this current situation, it would boost their popularity and that’s all they want. I nod, dismissing Jet I decide I would go to the Vanity district and take a visit to an old friend, older than Juliette. She abandoned her human name a while ago, rather I didn’t tell you. But she calls herself Dune and she is a desert beauty. Born in the Egyptian time, she studied magic. She became really powerful when she came to be a demon.

When I got to the Vanity district, she was easy to find. Her throne of gold was sat in the middle of the whole place. She wasn’t sat upon it though, she was stood near it. She was the head of Vanity, she always seemed to carry her weapon with her too and it was a spear, long and gold. Rubies indented down the middle and I smiled. It was good to see her again.

“Dune, it has been a long time. Too long I think.” I laughed.

"Has it? I barely noticed,” of course, she was too stuck to herself to notice. Oh well, what did I expect?

"I need a favour of you, it's gonna be a big job."

"Hmm, persuade me. Make it worth my while and I might consider it." This was my forte; I persuade people, however Dune always was a tough cookie.

"You know this new Vanity kid, the ten year old in the thirteen?"

"Don't get me started." This conversation was good, short, sharp and straight to the point.

"We're gonna assassinate her, we need someone to take her place."

"And you want me to take the child's place?" She’s not dumb, that’s good to know.

"Naturally, you have the skill, the power and the respect of the Vanity demons." Summed up; perfect.

"Hmm, I'll be noticed. How do you propose to keep this from being conspicuous?"

"You adopt the kid's form for a while, long enough so we can... overthrow Lucifer." The conversation became hushed; everywhere is listening in, in hell.

She looked at me, disgusted. I knew that idea wouldn’t go down well. "You want me to take on her glamour?" she paused, "overthrowing Lucifer?"

"You know Lucifer went to heaven, we think something happened. He's definitely not his self." I paused, hating to raise the subject again, "he would never normally employ a ten year old into the thirteen. We erase the kid, overthrow Lucifer, kick in the angels, raid heaven and get him back."

"Did the angels really think that this would work?" she asked incredulously. "They're stupider than I thought." Exactly, we need to teach them a lesson they won’t forget.

"Which is why we need you, Dune; look at it this way. You'll get Juliette's power of mirrors." She stood; silently think for a while and my tone turned to one of a plea. "We need your answer as soon as possible Dune."

"Fine," she nodded, her beautiful hair swaying hypnotically with each turn of her head.

"You'll do it?" I asked, somewhat surprised it had been so easy.

"I don't want anyone else claiming my slice of glory now, do I?"

"Of course, I will come to you, tomorrow, when the deed is done." She nodded. "Thank you, Dune." I smiled, conjuring a golden rose and giving it to her. "I think you just saved us all."

She took the rose and braided it into her hair with a smile. "I know."

I smiled, bowing to her in gratitude. In hell, you need to learn about everyone, because when you need something, you need to know how to please them. Now, I have to go see Jet. I have the stealth, the speed to kill the kid. I need Jet, to help cover it up; to help me put this plan into motion. I found Jet, with our two-way communication; I decided to walk, to avoid hurting Jet. I needed him to sleep, to get as much energy as possible. Damn it, I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I need Jet.

Huh, I’m never saying that again...

The End

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