In times long gone, the other demons worshipped Lucifer the way angels worship God. Sure, we respect him, most fear him, but I don't think anyone truly worships him the way we used to.

And destroying something Lucifer related will do for now.

There are a few areas in the underworld - huge expanses of neutral ground, where no particular sin rules. This is where most of the old architecture lies, where we could all exist at once with ease, rather than sticking it out with an atmosphere that no one could stand.

I find myself at one of these places. It's kinda like a temple thing, I guess. I dunno. It's warped beyond recognition these days, though I was there when it was built at the tender age of eight hundred. I look up at the monument to Lucifer.

And then I turn it to rubble. I tear each block of aged stone down, grinding it to dust until all that's left is a huge grey circle of powder and little bits of what looks like gravel. I sit in the middle of it, cross legged and feeling a bit calmer. I was throwing bigger lumps of the rock around a few minutes ago. Some of them have yet to land.

Thud. Half of Lucifer's carved face lands in front of me, leering up at me with a weird expression. My chain slithers over to it like a skinny silver snake and wraps itself around the stone face, slowly eroding the rock until it's dust, just like the rest of the place.

A ten year old in the thirteen.

I don't give a shit what power the bitch has, she's just not experienced enough and no matter how good a teacher Christian is, she will never learn quickly enough to do us any good.

Lucifer's a fucking idiot.

I dunno what they did to him while he was up there, but it can't be anything good. I knew I should have gone and done some digging of my own while he was up there.

Because I know he would never have chosen a child to be in the thirteen before. The longer I think about it, the more it nags at me.

I feel the chain grow warm against my glamour skin and thorns poke out of the metal. I grumble an "ow" as they pierce my skin, but I don't move. I can't be bothered. I'm tired. A moment later, Lils appears and the thorns recede. I can't even be fucked enough to ask her if there's a way she can appear next time without stabbing me.

"Hey Lils," I murmur, not looking up at her from where I'm sat.

"Umm...Jet, really urgent news. Well, speculation," she tells me. I look up at this.

"You're not the only one that's been speculating," I mutter quietly, still wondering.

"Lucifer is not Lucifer," she states bluntly and I arch an eyebrow.

"Not quite the conclusion I came to, but something's wrong with him, that's for sure."

"Well, when I screwed him he was harsh, violent, more like you. Lucifer's not like that." I frown. Not that I know how Lucifer screws, but y'know. If even he's fucking weirdly, then something really is up. Not that fucking the way I do is a bad thing.

Unless it's a poor imitation, in which case, yes it is a bad thing.

"Personally, I was going more on his choice to let our fates hang on a ten year old. I mean, I've known the guy for ten thousand years. He personally recruited me. If I hadn't been so distracted, I'd probably have noticed something was up faster," I lean forward, rubbing my temples wearily and looking at the mess before me. I try to think back and see if I can find anything in my memory of that gathering.

The way he was staring at Lils... Hmm.

"D'ya think something went wrong when he went to heaven?"

"I think that one goes without saying. When Librarian said he'd gone up there, I felt pretty uneasy about the whole thing. That's why I was saying about following him and doing a bit of digging into it... Fuck. If I'd gone I might have been able to stop... whatever from happening to him." The sudden realisation that the fate of the underworld had possibly been resting on my shoulders at that moment, and I didn't do anything about it wears me down even more. A mix of tired apathy and anger at myself for the whole thing rises inside of me.

"You might have got captured too... Jet the only way we can do this is getting the thirteen together and overthrowing Lucifer, then kicking the angel's butt and raiding heaven." She mumbles, taking a seat beside me in the debris. "But we can't do all that."

"I don't want that kid involved in any of this. She's a total liability," I snap suddenly, irritated again by his choice to include someone so inexperienced. "And to be honest, Sloth isn't much better. Experienced, but too fucking lazy to do anything about it."

"But he is powerful when he awakes, which all we need for that is Lizzy. Unfortunately you know that only Vanity can kill Modesty and only the whole thirteen can overthrow Lucifer." I sigh. I'm seriously considering killing this stupid child demon and seeing just how many demons don't want to replace her.

Not to sound like an old man, but back in the day, demons would kill for a place in the thirteen. Apart from sloth. Those guys didn't seem to care, really.

"What d'ya think would happen if I killed that child demon?" I ask thoughtfully. Don't get me wrong, I have a vague idea, but I like Lils. She's smart and what she has to say is occasionally worth listening to.

"Hmm, Lucifer would turn you human and no one would replace her... however, if you get someone, make someone take her position, change their glamour so it is the same as the kids then kill the kid, no one will know and we wouldn't have to go through Lucifer's ceremony."

"Yeah well. You have fun with that," I mutter, standing up. "I'm gonna go sleep. Destroying a place as thoroughly as this takes a lot of energy," I sigh and let my glamour disappear as I feel the Wrath district pulling me back. 


The End

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