Forbidden LoveMature

My name is Lizzy; I am the sixth agent of Lucifer ruling under envy. My mother was an English fashion designer in the 1700’s; she went to Japan in the look for new patterns and thus led to me. Born by two different standards, an Asian servant and an English Noble, I was born and raised in Japan, my mother left and I always wanted more. I knew who my mother was and I knew what I could have had, but she didn’t want me. I was always envious of what she had, what my half-sister had, what I could have had! Thus, my envy led me here.

I pushed the cloth headband back through my short, choppy dark blue hair. My eyes were originally a deep grey, but when I became forsaken I turned them bright, molten silver. I was very unhappy about this new revelation, although I like James and I have worked with him on several occasions I didn’t especially want to always be with him when I went to the surface. For now I was going to see and old friend, a very old friend.

I was in the sloth district; I knew where I was going, just like Jet had with Lilly. They were no secret among the thirteen just to Lucifer. That’s when I found him, curled up with his cat curled in his arms. About a hundred demons asleep around them, I stepped carefully, trying not to step on anyone.

“You’re looking beautiful today, Lizzy.” Nick whispered, or ‘The Sandman’ as he was titled. It was hard to tell if he was truly asleep, or whether he could still recognise what was going on around him. Hardly anyone has seen his eyes, but I have.  We were in love so long ago. Even when I was turned into a demon, I wasn’t quite sure that was destroyed. Only the eldest of demons feel nothing and that is because they let those emotions go.

He took my hand, and we stepped out of the tangle of demons on the floor, his cat following. Both had their eyes closed. But when were out of the way of everyone else he blinked twice, opening his eyes slowly. They were deepest brown, but a cherry red swirled in them. They were beautiful and he knew I liked gazing into them. He raised a hand to my cheek and I smiled weakly. “What’s wrong Liz?” He asked and I just shrugged slightly, my deep purple kimono flowing with every movement. The gold patterns on the fabric glistening in the small fires that lit up the district.

“It’s this new law, I now have to be with James and you have to be with Lust.” I whined and he laughed.

“You’ll be fine, you hardly go out anyway.” His eyes flickered closed again, heavy under the weight of sleep and his hands fell to his sides too. I sighed and he told me to smile, so I did, it just wasn’t very real.  He kissed my cheek and I fell into his arms, “I don’t want to die.” I whispered. It was true, I didn’t. Only I and James could kill Generosity and only Sloth can kill Ambition. Which means only Jen and Christian can kill Modesty...Sloth, he’s on his own.

As he ran his fingers through my hair I looked up at him. “But, you’ll be on your own. What’re you gonna do?” I whimpered, the thought of never seeing him again almost inducing tears; almost.

He smiled, hugging me closer to him, “I’ll be fine. You know me.” He strained his eyes open again as he bent down, pushing his lips to mine fiercely. I nodded, happy to be looking into his eyes again. His hands snaked round my back, tucking them under the obi that tied around my waist, “you look like a beautiful Geisha.” He smiled, “I love you wearing that kimono.” He used my obi to pull me closer to him. I nodded.

“I’ll be sure to wear it more often.” I promised as he pulled me to the floor with him, slipping off my kimono, making it disappear.

“You better.” He grinned, his eyes sliding shut again.

The End

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