I didn’t want to be with Alex, I didn’t want to see Jen, I didn’t want to watch over The Sandman. I saw Jet disappear and I looked to Lucifer, I shook my head, looking disappointed at him before I disappeared in a flash of roses. The last thing I heard was a squeal, “wow!” I knew it was Jen, I just hope Christian could handle her.

I was in the wrath sector, the whole place was on a high tension, but I managed to find Jet hidden away, “Jet?” I whispered, standing a little round the corner from where he was.

"What?" he snapped, his chain extending, searching for the source of the noise. It prodded me and withdrew. "Hi, sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

"It's fine. I saw you disappear, thought you might like someone to help you cool down... or warm up, whichever you choose."

"All I want right now is to give Lucifer's ass a royal kicking."

"But we all know that’s not gonna happen." I pouted, "Aww, I wanted to make up for earlier."

"If she becomes a threat to us, I really will give him a big fat kick from all of us." he muttered.

"Yes well I still have faith." I sighed, giving up the whole idea of getting laid. "I just hope she manages to snap out of her childishness, abandon it."

“Don't we all?"

"Of course," I sighed, sitting on the floor as I spoke. "I need energy. I'm gonna go... looks like I'm going to hell's red district."

He rubbed his temples. "Sorry. I’d help you out but for the first time in a long time, I'm not in the mood. I think I'm gonna go destroy something."

"Don't forget to take Mel with you, can't forget the new buddy system."

"Fuck the buddy system. Fuck Lucifer and fuck his retarded little rules." He growled. His anger was making his chain hot and there was a heat haze rising up under his chin.

I placed a hand on his cheek, kissing him softly. "Try not to destroy anything big, okay?" I smiled, leaving a rose on his lap as I disappeared.

“I can’t promise anything.” He called after me.

The red district in Hell is red hot, literally with everything for everybody. But it’s mostly sleaze. I sighed, taking one look at the place I walked away, well I would of, but I couldn’t.

“You said you would never come here.” Alex mumbled and I sighed:

“I’m not, I looked and I’m walking away. I’m still in the Lust District.” I pointed out, shoving him out of the way. “Get lost, Alex.” He smiled, pushing me back, but against the wall.

I shot a rose thorn through his glamour and growled, disappearing in a shroud of rose petals. Alex followed me, but I knew he would wish he hadn’t, because when I reappeared I was stood with my arms around Lucifer, hugging him tightly. “Alex, stop following me!” I shouted and Lucifer shot him a glare, with just a silent warning Alex disappeared again.

“That wasn’t for free you know.” He growled and I nodded, he stripped me off my clothes with a click of his fingers and I sighed, his rough movements and the way he abused me reminded me so much of Jet and I knew that just made him angrier. “I really loved you.” Lucifer snarled, “Looks like you’ll become another reject. Do you like being part of the thirteen?” I sensed his voice... crap. I need Jet, now. Lucifer was nothing like Jet, he was strong, but gentle. This wasn’t Lucifer. I don’t know what happened but this wasn’t him.  

The End

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