Doomed us all. Thanks.Mature


I don't say anything about the death of Juliette. I didn't know her all that well; she wanted nothing to do with me. In fact my presence in the thirteen always seemed to offend her.

This one replacing her... I don't usually doubt Lucifer's judgements, but she's so young, I can only see her being our weak link, a threat and a danger to us all.

As Lils pulls me against her, planting her lips on mine in a deep kiss, I can't help but look up at Lucifer to see how he's taking it. The Envy demons are probably getting a good dose of energy off him. I know I'm getting a fair bit of anger from him.

So I deepen the kiss and wink at him over her shoulder, winding him up even more. Lils pulls away and I smile at her.

I look around at the other demons, wondering if they know that I'm now a cross between wrath and lust.

Probably not a good idea to draw attention to it, at any rate. I like being head wrath demon. I don't wanna be demoted because of something beyond my own control.

I catch sight of Christian, the other Vanity demon and hold back a bark of laughter. I walk over to him.

"Hey, Christian," I glance at his new partner and smirk, "I don't envy your new partner," I wink. I don't think anyone's gonna envy him for his new partner, to be honest.  Which will be a disappointment to the envy demons, I guess. No energy for them Boo hoo.

"Thanks, I know, I get the fucking newbie." I grin.

"It'll be fun to piss her off though. All I'd have to do is steal her teddy bear or pull her hair," I laugh. I'm talking loud enough to be overheard. That's kinda the point, really. I wanna see just how easy it is to get to her. She's ten, for fuck's sake. "Man, Lucifer's really fucked up this time."

"Tell me about it. I'm starting to think he wants us dead. Not to mention she gets the better power out of us both." He glances at her, "I have to go, the more time I get to work with her, the better." I laugh and give him an encouraging slap on the back.

"Have fun," I grin at him. He lifts a hand at me, signalling his goodbye and I turn to the other demons, looking for Lucifer, this time.

I see him, staring at Lils still. I wave a hand in front of his face.

"What, Jet?" he asks, hardly even glancing at me. Friendly.

"Dude, look at me," I snap, suddenly irritable. "Keep your eyes off Lils for just a few minutes. Not hard." He turns his head, glaring at me.

"What, Jet?" he repeats angrily. I'd smile, but...

"Are you trying to get us all killed? The angels killed Juliette. Angels, man. And you're replacing her with a ten year old newbie?"

"No one else wanted the job; too many people are scared of losing their immortality." I laugh. I can't help it. My laughter is totally incredulous and it takes a moment to subside.

"Dude, you're the one with ultimate control over the underworld. You could have made anyone take the job - say someone competent - but you went with the first person to take the offer. A FREAKIN' TEN YEAR OLD!" Maybe I'm a bit hysterical. I might have survived ten thousand years, but that was because I'd never left my fate potentially in the hands of an inexperienced, giggling fuckwit of a child.  

"She may be immature, but you should see her power." He growls, turning back to watching Lils. "I'm not here to be judged by you, Jet."

"Powers are meaningless if you're not experienced enough to use it effectively." I snarl challengingly.

"Christian," he replies simply, still not looking back at me. I really feel like punching him.

"What about him? He thinks that making her a part of the thirteen is a shit idea too!" I yell, my temper rising.

"He's a good teacher. You are so short-sighted Jet."

"Sure. You'll regret saying that when she becomes the death of us all," I snap. I've had enough of this shit. My chain whips around my glamour and I vanish from the little gathering place to my own personal area of hell.

You've doomed the lot of us, Lucifer.


Thanks a fucking lot.

The End

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